Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p137


Volume 2, Page 137

1693; and Jonas, 9 June 1697. By a sec. w. Anne he had Benjamin, b. 1715;
and d. 1719. JONATHAN, Lancaster, s. of Jonas, m. 24 Aug. 1688, Mary Howard
of Concord, had Hannah, and Mary, wh. were saved, when he was k. with two
other ch. by the Ind. 1697. His w. was car. to Canada, but came home soon.
The age of Hannah was 9 yrs. of Mary, 3, when the est. was sett. by his
br. Jabez in May 1698. JOSEPH, Dedham, s. of first John, freem. 1678, or
1684. || RICHARD, Boston 1633, prob. with Elizabeth his w. came with Cotton in
the Griffin, at least his union with the ch. here was on the same day with
Elder Leverett and w. Gov. Brenton and Edward Hutchinson, in the month
after the great teacher arr. freem. 14 May 1634 ar. co. 1654, had
Constance, bapt. 10 Jan. 1636; and Zaccheus, 8 Dec. 1639, d. young. He was
a man of some distinct. disarm. Nov. 1637 for heret. perversity in the
cause of Wheelwright, but within two yrs. after made by the same governm.
the first receiver of all letters from abroad for the whole Col.
Constance m. 30 Mar. 1653, Samuel Mattock.

    FAIRCHILD, * THOMAS, Stratford, one of the first sett. 1646, rep.
1659, 60, and oft. after; had by w. whose name I see not, but she was d. of
Robert Seabrook of S. Samuel, b. 1640; Sarah, 19 Feb. 1642; John, 1644; Thomas,
1646; Dinah, 1648; Zechariah, 1651; and Emma, 1653; of these the sec. and third
are not nam. in his will of 7 Dec. 1670, just bef. his d. and perhaps they
were d. He had gone home, got sec. w. Catharine Cragg, a wid. of London (the
contract of m. 22 Dec. 1662, in wh. he was bound to secure to her est. at
S. for life or pay £200, being here rec.), and had by her three ch. The s.
Samuel and Thomas were proprs. two yrs. bef. Emma m. 20 Apr. 1676,
Hackaliah Preston and d. Feb.1733.

    FAIRFIELD, DANIEL, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Mary, bur. July 1639; Elizabeth
30 Oct. 1640, wh. m. 22 Oct. 1657, Joseph Sowther; and Mary, again, 7 July
1643, wh. m. 20 Aug. 1660, John Parker; was freem. 1683, unless ano. Daniel
of Boston were the man. DANIEL, Salem 1639, called a half Dutchman, the
unhappy subject of severe punishm. relat. by Winthrop II. 46. He had liberty
in 1656 to go with w. and ch. to Eng. and prob. wish. not to return. DANIEL,
Weymouth, by w. Sarah had James, b. 18 Mar. 1666; a ch. 24 Aug. 1667; and
Sarah, 25 Aug. 1670. He was, prob. f. of Daniel, b. at Braintree, 18 Sept.
1662, whose diligence in keep. a Diary from 1689 to 1711, presented to the
Hist. Soc. by Rev. Dr. Harris, its librarian, was much praised by e local
historian. But it is kn. now, that the writer of the Diary was John
Marshall, whose mo. Ruth m. the f. of the Diary-keeper. JOHN, Charlestown
1638, Salem 1639, freem. 14 May 1640, had John,bapt. 27 June 1641; and d. a.
1647, leav. wid. Elizabeth (wh. m. Peter Palfrey), and