Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p127


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Volume 2, Page 127

1721; and he d. 9 Aug. 1723. MATTHEW, Scituate, s. of the preced. by w.
Alice had Edward, b. a. 1708; William, a. 1710; two ch. wh. d. 5 young;
Matthew, 19 Dec. 1726; Sarah, 8 June 1733; and Robert, 12 Jan. 1736; and d.
11 May 1774; and his wid. d. 14 Dec. 1778, aged 84.

    ESTOW, WILLIAM, Hampton 1639, d. 23 Nov. 1655, says Coffin, in
his will, shortly bef. names only ds. Sarah, w. of Maurice Hobbs, and Mary,
w. of Thomas Marston.

    ESTWICK, ESTWICH or ESTICK, EDWARD, Salem, by w. Esther had
Elizabeth b. a. 1652; Sarah, 1654; Hannah, 1656; Esther, 1659; and Edward, 1662,
as from his inv. June 1666, is kn.

    ETHEREDGE, EDWARD, Mass. 1646. Felt.

    ETHERINGTON, THOMAS, Kittery, was lost, with his w. in the wreck of
a small vessel, Nov. 1664.

    EUSTIS, WILLIAM, Charlestown, liv. at Malden, perhaps Winisemet, or
Boston 1695, had, I suppose, s. William, wh. d. 4 Jan. 1691; perhaps other ch.
and w. Sarah, wh. d. 12 June 1713, aet. 74. By her he had John, b. at Boston, 8
Dec. 1659.

    EVANCE, JOHN New Haven 1639, came prob. from London, sign. the
orig. compact of 4 June, was one of the most wealthy inhab. had Daniel,
bapt. 15 Mar. 1646; Mary, wh. d. 1650; and Stephen, b. 21 Apr. 1652. He prob.
went home, certain. was in London 1656, acc. his friend Gov. Eaton's will.
His wid. Susanna, or Hannah, m. at London, Henry Hatsell, wh. came to New
Haven, and d. 1667.

    EVANS, DAVID, Boston 1654, merch. d. 27 July 1663, leav. wid. Mary, by
wh. he had, as I conject. David, that d. 2 Nov. 1653 [see Geneal. Reg. X.
217, where the surname is not]; and certain. Elizabeth b. 10 Aug,. 1630, and
Martha, 28 May 1657; beside David, again, 2 Feb. 1659; and Jonathan, 3
Apr. 1663. EDWARD, Dover, s. of Robert had w. Dorcas, and ch.
Elinor, b. 3 Mar. 1700; Rachel, 6 Apr. 1703; and Joseph 29 Oct. 1704. HENRY,
Boston 1643, husbandman, freem. 1645. His w. Amy came in the yr. preced.
from the ch. of Roxbury. Admin. on one Henry E. wh. was drown. 1 Mar. 1667,
was grant. in Middlesex to his w. Esther, next mo. JOHN, Wethersfield 1640,
may have been at Hatfield 1678. JOHN, Roxbury, by w. Mary had John, bapt.
30 July 1671; Peter, 27 Apr. 1673, d. soon; and Peter, again, 21 June 1674;
but I find none of these in the town rec. It has been thot. he serv. on
Conn. riv. in Philip's war. Perhaps he lost his w. bef. or soon after rem.
to Hatfield, there m. 1677, Mary, wid. of Experience Hinsdale, d. of John
, had Elinor, b. 1678; Jonathan, 1680; and Randal, 1682; rem. a. 1685
to Deerfield, where his w. had lds. JOHN, Dover, there act. as a commiss.
with others to sett. lines betw. York, D. and Kittery, his name in the rec.
being giv. Evines. MATTHIAS, Dorchester, s. of first Richard, a carpenter,
m. 28 Apr. 1669, Patience, d. of Gabriel Meade, wh. d. 22 May 1670, and he
sold his est. 1679. PETER, Deerfield, s. of John, had sev. ch. betw. 1711 and
28, of wh. one was Randall. PHILIP, Newbury, by w. Deborah had William, b.
13 Oct. 1687; Elizabeth 8 Nov. 1689; and John, 30 Apr. 1692; the last,