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Volume 1, Page 92

(wh. d. the foll. yr.) relative to the ancestry of this Nathaniel, at wh. was
present a party advers. interest. might, without violence, be constr. to refer
equally to the Barnstable fam. tho. it is less prob. NATHANIEL, Barnstable,
s. of the first Nathaniel, m. 27 Mar. 1673, Sarah, d. of Gov. Hinckley,
had Nathaniel, b. 9 Sept. 1674 ; Mary, 9 Oct. 1677; Elizabeth 11 Apr.
1680; and Samuel, 20 Jan. 1682. His w. d. 16 Feb. 1687; and he d.
Dec. 1691. RICHARD, may be that passeng. in 1635 on board the James
from Bristol, call. Becon by Richard Mather, when he relates the loss of
his right hand in the gr. Aug. storm, for wh. see Young's Chron. of Mass.
475. Certain. no more is kn. of him. SAMUEL, Barnstable, m. 9 May
1659, Martha Foxwell, had Samuel, b. 9 Mar. 1660; and Martha, 6 Jan.
1662. SAMUEL, Barnstable, s. of Nathaniel the first, m. 17 Dec. 1675,
Mary, d. of John Jacob of Hingham, whither he rem. had Hannah, b. 12
Oct. 1676, d. at 2 mos.; Hannah, again, 10 Feb. 1678; and Mary, 7
Feb. 1680; and he d. 18 Feb. 1631. THOMAS, Roxbury 1665, had Joseph,
b. 1 Jan. 1666; and George, 12 Sept. 1671, wh. d. at 2 yrs. and
the f. d. 25 Oct. 1701. WILLIAM, Salem 1640, br. of Michael, had Isaac,
bapt. 12 Sept. 1641; and d. Nov. 1653, leav. wid. Rebecca, d. it is said, of
Thomas Potter of Coventry, wh. had been mayor of that borough. His will
ment. w. and s. also Ann Potter. They had liv. in Dublin, and, on the outbreak
of the Irish rebellion, she was sent over here, says tradit. and her h. foll. soon;
but her br. Humphrey P. and other relat. perish. in the massacre. Her will of 23
Mar. 1655, pro. 29 Nov. foll. names cous. i. e. niece, Ann Potter, and John
Bacon, beside sis. Judith in O. E. Some community of origin may be, perhaps,
traced to this tradit. and to that of Michael; yet the flight from the rebellion
would seem more natural in that early day to be direct. to Eng.
Felt says, William was freem. after 1643; but the evidence is not seen.
In 1834 Farmer found the gr. of this name to be seven at Yale, four at
Harv. and four at other N. E. coll. the earliest of wh. Jacob, H. C. 1731,
min. of Plymouth, was of the first Michael.

    BADCOCK, BENJAMIN, Milton, s. of George, m. 11 Feb. 1673,
Hannah, d. of William Daniel, had William, b. a. 1684, and in Jan. 1692,
admin. was giv. on his est. EBENEZER, Sherburn, s. of Robert, by w.
Hannah had Abigail, b. 5 Mar. 1687; Hannah, 28 Sept. 1690, prob. d. young;
Hannah, again, 25 Mar. 1694; and Ebenezer, 4 Sept. 1697; was selectman 1711,
and d. 15 Dec. 1717. ENOCH, Dorchester, br. of Robert, d. 1711, leav. William,
Susan, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah. GEORGE, New Haven 1640, serv. of Gov. Eaton,
under indent. for six yrs. may have rem. to Dorchester, liv. in that pt.
now Milton, perhaps br. of Robert of the same, had George, b. 26 Feb.
1658; possib. other ch. GEORGE, Milton, s. perhaps of the preced. or of
Robert, had, as Morse supposes, Dorothy, wh. m. Ebenezer Wood, and, it
may be, more; yet this seems very loose, without dates. His will, of 26 Sept.
1671, ment. w. Mary, s. Benjamin, Return, Enoch, and sev. ds
[1]. JAMES, Portsmouth,
R. I. among freem. in 1655, rem. to the other side of Narraganset
Bay. See Babcock, and observe, that the strange delusion of Hinman a.
the glorious comp. of Leyden pilgr. by the Ann, 1623, is adopt. by Morse,
as if such a brat were better rear. than stifled. ROBERT, Dorchester 1648, next
of Milton, had Nathaniel, b. 14 Mar. 1658; Caleb, 1660; Ebenezer, bapt. at D. 5