Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p68


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Volume 1, Page 68

join the ch. Feb. 1694. There, too, descend. were seen. BENJAMIN, Salem
1674, s. perhaps of Anthony the first, by w. Hannah had John, bapt. June
1693; Jonathan, 23 Sept. 1694; and prob. others. He was a shipbuild.
EDWARD, Beverly, freem. 1683, perhaps s. of the first Anthony. Felt.
THOMAS, New Haven, whose goods were order. to be apprais. 3 Apr.
1640, as he was lately drown. in co. with Thomas Johnson. Sometimes,
perhaps, the first Anthony may be print. Ashley.

    ASHCRAFT, JOHN, Stonington 1662, m. 12 Sept. 1670, Hannah Osborne,
had John, b. 1671; Hannah, 1675; Ephraim, 1677; and Mary,
1680. Prob. descend. are there; and one Thomas A. mariner from
Boston, d. Sept. 1724, at Bay of Honduras, leav. will made here 13
Jan. 1723.

    ASHDOWN, JOHN, Weymouth, a soldier in Philip's war, at the Falls
fight. No descend. were kn. 1736, when ld. was gr. to rep. of all in that
stout band.

    ASHFIELD, WILLIAM, Malden by w. Jane had Mary, b. 20 Dec. 1691.

    ASHLEY, sometimes ASHLY, DAVID, Springfield, eldest s. of Robert of
the same m. 24 Nov. 1663, Hannah, d. of Henry Glover of New Haven,
had Samuel, b. 26 Oct. 1664; David, 10 Mar. 1667; John, 27 June 1669;
Joseph, 31 July 1671; Sarah, 19 Sept. 1673; rem. bef. Philip's war to
Westfield, there had Mary, and Hannah, tw. 14 Dec. 1675, of wh.
Mary d. soon; Jonathan, 21 June 1678; Abigail, 27 Apr. 1681; Mary,
again 3 Mar. 1683; and Rebecca, 30 May 1685. Some of these ch.
are on rec. in both towns. He d. 8 Dec. 1718. See Davis, Hist. of W.
Jonathan, the min. of Deerfield, wh. used to pray for k. George, after the
war of our revo. began, and Joseph, min. of Winchester, and after of
Sunderland, both Y. C. 1730, and cousins, were his gr.s. One of the
lines to seventh generat. is shown by Davis in Geneal. Reg. II. 394.
EDMUND, Boston 1670, had liv. at Ipswich. EDWARD, Maine 1630,
was prob. from Bristol, Eng. and may be he, who had a lot, a. 1650, at
Gloucester, but it is not prob. EDWARD, Boston, freem. 1677, by w.
Mary had William, b. 24 June 1674; Mary, 28 Apr. 1676; and Dorothy,
11 July 1687. The name in Prince's Ann. Winthrop I. 29. Folsom,46,
and Baylies, I. 153 hardly can be refer. to the mem. of the first ch. at
B. JONATHAN, Springfield, s. of Robert, m. 10 Nov. 1669, Sarah, d.
of William Wadsworth of Hartford, whither he rem. 1682, and d. there
1705, leav. Jonathan, Joseph, Samuel, Sarah, and Rebecca. JOSEPH,
Springfield, br. of the preced. m. 1685, Mary, d. of Joseph Parsons of
Northampton, had Joseph, Ebenezer, Mary, Abigail, and Benjamin, rem.
to Wethersfield, and d. 18 May 1698. His wid. m. 2 Mar. foll. Joseph
Williston. ROBERT, Springfield 1639, perhaps had been of Roxbury a
short time, as most of the early S. people were drawn from R. by