Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p417


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Volume 1, Page 417

he d. 1678. He left two s. Joseph, a mariner, wh. d. the same yr. with
his f. and Stephen. STEPHEN, Charlestown, a. 1680, possib. s. of the
preced. m. 19 Nov. 1674, Elizabeth Randall had Stephen b. 16 Aug. foll.
wh. d. at the age of 30 yrs. and 8 mos. soon after his f.; Elizabeth 24 Dec.
1677; Robert, 19 May 1680, d. at 17 yrs.; Joseph, 22 Sept. 1682;
Benjamin, 12 Oct. 1684, wh. d. at 4 yrs.; Hepzibah, 5 Dec. 1686;
Susanna, 2 Mar. 1690; both d. young; Benjamin, again, 28 Jan.
1694; and John, 4 Oct. 1696; and d. 5 Apr. 1706, aged 56. His wid.
d. 1 Apr. 1708, aged 54. Their s. John m. Parnell, d. of Richard
Foster, but I kn. no more, exc. that he was a capt. and d. 1755, his w.
hav. d. 15 Sept. 1752, aged 56. WILLIAM, Portsmouth, R. I. sev. yrs.
bef. 1661, rep. 1672, and Assist. 1676. Of this name, the gr. in 1834
at Harv. had been four, and as many at the other N. E. coll.

    CODMORE. See Codner.

    CODNER, CHRISTOPHER, perhaps of Marblehead, d. 1660, or, at least,
Coffin found his inv. of that yr. See Geneal. Reg. VI. 248. The Hist. Coll.
of Essex I. 94, names his ch. Mary, 5 yrs. old, and Christopher, 3. EDWARD,
New London 1651, had w. Priscilla, rem. 1669 to Saybrook, there d.
1670; but his s. Lawrence cont. at N. L. 1666. GEORGE, New
London 1664, may have been s. of the preced. GREGORY, HENRY,
JOHN,and JOSIAH, with JOSIAH, jr. unit. in petitn. to our Gen. Ct. from
Marblehead, 1668; and perhaps the elder Josiah was f. of the other
four; but of neither of them is any thing further kn. exc. that John was
of Manchester in 1686. LAWRENCE, New London, s. of Edward, was
enga. in lawsuit 1682. PETER, Boston, a mariner, had, in 1674, w.
Rachel, d. of James Neighbors, d. Mary, b. 3 Sept. bapt. with Rachel,
29 July 1677; Martha, 7, bapt. 11 Sept. 1681. RICHARD, Swanzey, m.
23 May 1671, Phebe, d. of Rufus Barton of Warwick, had Richard, b.
11 Aug. 1676; Elizabeth bapt. at Boston 3 Feb. 1678; and Savory, 2 Mar.

    COE, BENJAMIN, s. of Robert, b. in Eng. came with his f. to Watertown,
thence to Stamford, and after with him to Hempstead, L. I. where
he was among the earliest sett. m. Abigail Carman, and was at Jamaica
1660, where are still descend. ISAAC, s. of Matthew, may have liv. at
Falmouth, but of him I kn. only that he m. at Roxbury, 11 Sept. 1706,
Martha Ramsey. JOHN, eldest br. of Benjamin, b. in Eng. went with
his f. to L. I. and was of Newtown 1655, of Greenwich 1660, and that
yr. was one of the purch. of Rye, but soon went back to the isl. was a
capt. and appoint. a magistr. by Conn. in 1664, chos. rep. perhaps soon
after. His ch. were Robert, Jonathan, Samuel, and David. JOHN, Duxbury,
eldest s. of Matthew, m. 10 Nov. 1681, Sarah, d. of William Peabody, had
Lydia, b. 26 Feb. 1683; Sarah, 25 Feb. 1686; rem. to Little Compton,
and had Samuel, 12 Dec. 1692; Elizabeth 28 Mar. 1694; Hannah, 29 Dec.
1696; John, 1 Feb. 1699; and Joseph, 24 Mar. 1700; perhaps some