Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p383


Volume 1, Page 383

the preced. had in 1702 w. Rebecca, but no more is kn. SAMUEL, Ipswich,
br. of the preced. m. 25 Nov. 1688, Mary, d. of Stephen Williams
of Roxbury
, but of him no more is told in the fam. reg. exc. that he d.
a. 1713. THOMAS, Ipswich, br. of the preced. m. Mary Varney, perhaps
of Thomas of the same, had Ann, b. May 1691; Thomas, 7 June
1693; Mary, 18 Mar. 1695; John, July 1697; Abigail, 25 Oct. 1699;
Francis, 13 Sept. 1701; Rachel, 8 Nov. 1703; Ebenezer, Mar. 1706;
and Sarah, 24 July 1708. His w. d. 19 Nov. 1733; and for sec. w. he
had Mary, wid. of Joseph Caleb; and he m. 9 Nov. 1743, for third w.
the wid. Hannah Burnham, and made his will next mo. Of this name
in 1829 were five gr. at Harv. and one at Dart. Hon. Rufus, class of
1819, Mass. senator of U. S. the eloquent advocate, wh. d. last summer
He descends from Francis, s. of Thomas, wh. was s. of John, the first

    CHRISTISON, in Sewel's Hist. of Quakers. See Christopherson.

    CHRISTOPHERS CHRISTOPER, New London 1667, mariner, of
Devonsh. brot. from Barbados w. Mary, and ch. Richard, John, and
Mary. His w. d. 13 July 1676, aged 54, and he m. Elizabeth wid. of Peter
Bradley, d. of Jonathan Brewster, and d. 23 or 25 July 1687, aged 55,
if the gr.stone wh. makes his age ten yrs. less than that of his w. be
correct. Perhaps the best change would be that on the w.'s stone, as
she might well be thot. younger; but the evidence is strong, that the
inequality was real, and she felt her disadvant. ‡ CHRISTOPHER, New
London, eldest s. of Richard of the same, was judge of the Co. Ct. and an
Assist. by w. Sarah had Peter, b. 28 Aug. 1713, d. in two days; Mary, 14
Aug. 1714; John, 27 Feb. 1719; Lucretia, 24 June 1721; Lydia, 21 June
1723, d. in few ds.; and Margaret, 7 Mar. 1725, d. in few mos.; and he d.
5 Feb. 1729. JEFFREY, New London, br. of Christopher the first, came a.
the same time with him, had ds. Margaret, Joanna, and ano. beside only s.
Jeffrey, wh. m. and d. 1690, of smallpox, with his w. within three wks. leav.
no ch. He was call. 55 yrs. old in 1676, and rem. in old age with the two ds.
liv. in 1700 at Southold, L. I. Margaret m. Abraham Coney; Joanna m. 25
Dec. 1676, John Mayhew of New London; and the other d. m. 3
Packer of S. JOHN, New London, mariner, younger s. of Christopher
the first, m. 28 July 1696, Elizabeth perhaps d. of John Mulford, and d. at,
Barbados, 3 Feb. 1703, leav. wid. and four ch. His wid. m. 21 Oct.
1706, John Picket. RICHARD, New London, elder br. of the preced. b.
says a fam. reg. 13 July 1662, at Cherton Ferrers, Torbay, Devonsh. a.
6 ms. from Dartmouth, m. 26 Jan. 1682, Lucretia, d. of Peter Bradlee,
whose mo. m. her f. had Christopher, bef. ment. b. 2 Dec. 1683, H. C.
1702, Richard, 18 Aug. 1685; Peter, 18 July 1687; and John, 15 Mar.
1690; the last two of wh. d. unm. His w. d. 7 Jan. 1691, and he m. 3
Sept. foll. Grace Turner of Scituate, perhaps d. of John, by wh. he had
Joseph, 14 July 1692; Mary, 18 Sept. 1694; Jonathan, 19 Sept. 1696;
Grace, 14 Oct. 1698; Lydia, 10 Aug. 1701; Ruth, 26 Sept. 1705; Jo-
anna, 19 Mar. 1707; and more ch. in all fifteen, and d. 9 June 1726.
The name bec. extinct at N. L. a dozen yrs. ago, but descend. in