Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p380

Volume 1, Page 380

    CHINERY. See Genery, and obs. that the name of his w. there giv.
correct. is misprint. in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 217.

    CHINN, CHINE or CHING, GEORGE, Salem 1638, on Marblehead
side 1648.

    CHIPMAN, JOHN, Barnstable had been at Plymouth or Yarmouth a
few yrs. bef. 1650, and may have resid. at other towns, since he said, 8 Feb.
2, it was 21 yrs. ago that he came from Eng. and was now a. 37 yrs.
old. So that it seems prob. he came with Allerton in the White Angel,
or in the Friendship, that had sail. at the same time, from Barnstaple, in
Devon. but had put back, and so reach. here a few days later. He m.
Hope, sec. d. of John Howland, had Elizabeth b. 24 June 1647, at P. bapt.
at B. 18 Aug. 1650, beside one or two more, for he speaks of more than
one bef. Hope, 13 Aug. bapt. 5 Sept. 1652; Lydia, b. 25 Dec. 1654;
John, 2 Mar. 1657, d. in 3 mos.; Hannah, 14 Jan. 1659; Samuel, 15
Apr. 1662; Ruth, Dec. 1663; Bethia, 1 July 1666; Mercy, 6 Feb. 1668;
John, again, 3 Mar. 1670; and Desire, 26 Feb. 1673. His f. Thomas
had good est. near Dorchester in Co. Dorset. He was long rul. Elder,
and rep. 1663 to 9 every yr. exc. 7, and d. 8 Jan. 1684. Elizabeth m. Hosea
of Yarmouth; Hope m. 10 Aug. 1670, John Huckens, and d. 10
Nov. 1678; Lydia m. John Sargent of Malden; Hannah m. 1 May
1680, Thomas Huckens, and d. 4 Nov. 1696. JOHN, Barnstable, s. of
the preced. had John, wh. d. young; James, b. 18 Dec. 1694; John,
again, 18 Sept. 1697; Mary, and Bethia, tw. 11 Dec. 1699; Perez, 28
Sept. 1702; Deborah, 6 Dec. 1704; Stephen, and Lydia, tw. 9 June 1708;
and Ebenezer, 13 Nov. 1709; all by first w. and by sec. w. whose name
is unkn. as well as the former's, had Hendley, 31 Aug. 1717; and Rebecca,
10 Nov. 1719. John, Mary, Bethia, Stephen, Lydia, and Ebenezer were
bapt. on 18 May 1716, so that other ch. of the first w. may prob. have
d. SAMUEL, Barnstable, br. of the preced. m. 27 Dec. 1686, Sarah
, d. of Henry, or James, but of wh. is not told, had Thomas, b. 17
Nov. 1687; Samuel, 6 Aug 1689; both bapt. 30 Aug. 1691, and, also,
at the same time was bapt. John, b. 16 Feb. 1691, H. C. 1711, min. of
Beverly, wh. d. 23 Mar. 1775; Joseph, bapt. Mar. 1692, prob. 6, certain.
not (as tradit. gives) 4; Mary, 5 June 1692; Jacob, b. 30 Aug.
bapt. 6 Oct. 1695; Seth, 24 Feb. bapt. 4 Apr. 1697; Hannah, b. 24
Sept. 1699; Sarah, 1 Nov. 1701; and Barnabas, 24 Mar. bapt. 26
Apr. 1702; and d. 1703. His wid. surv. to 8 Jan. 1742. Three errors
are obs. in an affectionate writer's first three lines in Geneal. Reg. VI.
272, where he makes Rev. John to be s. of that John wh. m. Hope
Howland; and is here seen to be gr.s. and makes Elizabeth her mo. to be d.
of Carver, instead of Tilley (but that was the common error ten yrs.
ago); and also makes Bethia to be his sis. when she was his aunt. Of
this name, in 1834, were five gr. at Harv. one at Yale, and two at Dart.

    CHIPPERFIELD, EDMUND, New Haven 1639, in abbrev. form on
London custom ho. rec. (as well as that of New Haven often), Chipfield,