Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p374


Volume 1, Page 374

bapt. at New London, of wh. S. was then pt. in 1672; was made freem.
1657, rep. 1665, 6, 70, and later yrs. He d. 31 Jan. 1673, and his wid.
m. 15 June 1675, Joshua Holmes. His d. Abigail m. John Avery; and
Sarah m. 4 Jan. 1689, William Gallup, both of S. SAMUEL, Stonington,
eldest s. of the preced. m. Mary, whose surname is not seen, nor the
date of m. had Samuel, b. 16 Sept. 1691; Jeremiah, 7 Aug. 1692, prob.
d. soon; William, 27 Aug. 1693; Jeremiah, again, 25 Aug. 1697; Jonathan,
13 Feb. 1700; Joseph, 12 Apr. 1703; Ann, 9 Oct. 1706; and Mary,
10 Sept. 1710. SAMUEL, Stonington, youngest s. of the first Nathaniel of
the same, m. 4 Jan. 1699, Priscilla Alden, call. gr.d. of Mayflower John,
but wh. was her f. I see not, had Mary, b. 21 Sept. 1702; Priscilla, 6
Nov. 1704; Nathaniel, 19 Aug. 1706, d. young; Amos, 2 Feb. 1709;
Hannah, 16 July 1712; Sarah, 14 Aug. 1714; and Prudence, 28 Feb.
1722. Six of his ch. liv. to be m. WILLIAM, Boston, came from
Boston, Co. Lincoln (in or near wh. prob. he was b. a. 1594), with w.
Ann, 1630, arr. in the fleet with Winthrop He had m. 15 Dec. 1620, Ann
Stevenson, and they had, in Eng. Mary, bapt. 2 May 1622; Martha, 18
Sept. 1623; David, and Jonathan, tw. 9 Sept. 1624; all d. soon; Samuel,
1 Apr. 1627; Andronicus, 6 Feb. 1629 (wh. d. in two days, as did
Junia, a tw. ch. the May bef) and Nathaniel, 25 Jan. 1630. On this
side of the water they were among earliest mem. of the first ch. of B.
Nos. 44 and 5, on the list, he was adm. freem. 18 May 1631, and the
same day his ho. was burn. Ch. in Boston bapt. were John, 2 Sept. or
11 Nov. 1632, as the numerals for mo. and day are various. read, wh. d.
at Stonington, prob. unm.; Jabez, 3 May 1635, d. young; Elisha, 4
June 1637; and at Braintree b. Joseph, 18 July 1640; and this yr. he
was rep. Soon after he rem. to Rehoboth, where he was active 1643,
and in less than seven yrs. to Pawcatuck, where he was the earliest
perman. sett. in that pt. of New London call. Stonington. This brot. the
Conn. governm. to vindicate their territor. right, and very curious matter
may be read a. the jurisdict. in Trumbull, Coll. Rec. I. 216-17; to the
result, however, the judicious mildness of C. led soon, and he was a rep.
1653, 5, 7, and 64, for New London or Stonington. He d. 9 June 1667,
leav. wid. Ann, wh. d. 29 Aug. 1673. His s. Joseph, under 12 yrs. old,
cut his leg with a scythe, and bled to d. A mo. or sis. I think, may be
found for him in the Boston list of mem. of the ch. Sarah C. No. 78,
and upon the marg. is mark. early d. WILLIAM, Stonington, s. of Samuel
first of the same
, m. 13 Dec. 1698, for sec. w. Mary, d. of Fergus
McDowell, had William, David, b. 1 Feb. 1703; Thomas, Abigail, and
Mary; and d. 1739. His wid. d. 1744, aged 66.

1635, freem. 3 Mar. 1636, ar. co. 1638, had w. Isabel, but prob. no ch.
for none is ment. in that reg. of matchless Mitchell, wh. careful. tells,