Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p343

Volume 1, Page 343

perhaps, in the Elizabeth and Ann, 1635; at least we kn. that Sarah, aged
24, and Mildred, 2, then embark. at London for N. E. and if the
younger were his d. prob. the elder was his w. Mildred bec. w. of
Thomas Brigden, bef. d. of her f. wh. left w. and only s. John.

    CARTWRIGHT, ARTHUR, Dorchester 1666. EDWARD, Boston 1662,
mariner, m. 1664, Eliz. prob. sis. of Edward Morris of Roxbury, as he
and John White of Muddy riv. were made by C. feoffees in tr. for his
w. Eliz. and she d. at R. 1673. EDWARD, Nantucket, by w. Elizabeth Trott,
sis. of John, whose f. is unkn. had Samson, b. 26 Jan. 1678; Susanna,
16 Feb. 1681; Edward, 5 May 1683; and Mary, 29 June 1687; and d. 2
Sept. 1705. His wid. d. 11 Oct. 1729. She was his sec. w. but wh. was
the first is not told; yet the opin. at N. is that she bore Nicholas. NICHOLAS,
Nantucket, d. 10 Sept. 1706, of wh. no more is kn. exc. that he had by w.
Orange, d. of William Rogers of the same, Sarah, b. 13 Oct. 1695; Elinor,
14 Oct. 1697; Hope, 27 Aug. 1699; Lydia, 15 Dec. 1701; and Nicholas, 4
Jan. 1706.

    CARVEATH, EZEKIEL, Boston 1674.

    CARVER, JOHN, Plymouth, came in the Mayflower 1620, had been
deac. at Leyden, where prob. he liv. ten or a dozen yrs. and much engag.
in the negotiat. at London, to wh. he went 1617, and again 1620, to
complete the arrangem. for transmigrat. was chos. Gov. in Cape Cod
harb. bef. and. and d. in Apr. foll. His wid. Catharine d. early in the
first summer. That he ever had ch. is not kn. but certain. he left none.
Yet for many yrs. the error was univ. spread, that John Howland, wh.
accomp. him, m. his d. Elizabeth The orig. Hist. of Gov. Bradford, recent.
print. has correct. that, and we now kn. that the f. of Howland's w. was
John Tilley. A wild tradit. that a gr.s. of Gov. C. was at work in a
field at Marshfield, 1755, with s. gr.s. and gr. gr.s. while an inf. of the
5th genera. was in the ho. overturn. by modern inquiry, had prob. gain.
currency, and escap. unquest. bec. it was wonderful. Belkn. got it from
Hutch. II. 456, wh. is common. more worthy of trust. In his volum.
MS. annals, Pemberton, sub an. 1760, ment. d. of William C. aged 102,
" neph. of the Gov." on 2 Oct. of that yr. and the Boston Gazette of 20
of that mo. says, "he was bro.'s s. to the ancient Gov." but that both
are wrong is very prob. if not even certain. Mitchell, in Hist. of Bridgewater,
362, writes, that William was gr.s. of Robert, but the relat. of
Robert with the Gov. is not clear, and indeed quite improb. See the
Memoir in Genealog. Reg. IV. 105, by one equal. assid. in research, and
exact in judgm. Seldom is a heavier load laid upon credul. and similar.
of name is too oft. rec. for proof. In Eng. it is found, that the fam. name
is common. William Penn, on his first visit to his new Prov. 1682, brot.
John Carver, with his w. Mary, wh. had Mary soon after land. JOHN,
Duxbury, s. of Robert, had gr. of Id. says Winsor, 1640[1], m. 4 Nov. 1658,
Mellicent, d. of William Ford, had William, b. 1659, wh. prob. was the
subject of that marvel. story; John; Elizabeth 1663; Robert; Eleazer;