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Volume 1, Page 334

1669; Sarah 9 Dec. 1670; Dorothy, 13 Oct. 1672, d. next mo.;
Dorothy, again, 16 Sept. 1673; Purchase, 14 Nov. 1675; Nathaniel, 1
Oct. 1677, d. at 5 yrs. Elizabeth 17 Apr. 1680; Elizabeth again, 21 Mar.
1682; and Hannah, 21, bapt. 26 Oct. 1684. JOSEPH, Topsfield, br. of
the preced. ord. 11 June 1684, m. Priscilla, d. of John Appleton of
Ipswich, had Priscilla, and sev. more ch. and d. 30 June 1725, the w.
and sev. ds. surv. PRESERVED, Dorchester, br. of the preced. m. 16
May 1682, Mary, d. of Edward Payson, had Mary, b. 28 Mar. 1683;
Preserved, 10 Apr. 1686; Elizabeth 1 Mar. 1690; Ann, 12 Nov. 1692, d.
soon; John, 16 Oct. 1694; Ebenezer, 6 Sept. 1698, d. soon; Ebenezer,
again, 8 Jan. 1700; and Ann, again, 9 May 1703; and his w.[1] d. 20
Oct. 1708, wh. is the date, also. of his own d. SAMUEL, Dorchester, br.
of the preced. m. 9 Apr. 1673, Susanna, d. of Edward Payson, had
Samuel, b. 1 Feb. 1674, d. at 4 mos.; Samuel, again, 4 Nov. 1675, d. at
2 mos.; Hopestill, 13 Oct. 1677; Mary, 23 Sept. 1679; Ebenezer, 30
Apr. 1682, d. at 6 mos.; Edward, 24 Sept. 1683; Samuel, again,
1 Mar. 1686; Susanna, 10 Nov. 1688; Jabesh, 3 Mar. 1690, d. soon;
Jonathan, 17 Mar. 1691; Susanna, again, 5 Sept. 1693; John, 19 June
1696; and Elizabeth 28 Sept. 1698. He was freem. 1674, and d. 19 May
1733, at ripe age (tho. something short of that his gr.stone boasts); and
his wid. d. 3 Feb. 1738, aged 82. Six pages of Thayer's Genealog. are
giv. to this fam. of wh. in 1844, eight had been gr. at Harv. and none at
Yale or Dart.

    CAPRON, BENFIELD, Rehoboth, that pt. wh. bec. Attleborough, a. 1680
had w. Elizabeth wh. d. 10 Mar. 1735, and ch. Benfield; Joseph; Elizabeth b.
22 Oct. 1684; Edward; John; Jonathan, 10 Mar. 1706; and Sarah, 11
Mar. 1709. He is reput. the progenit. of all the name within gr.
circut, and d. 25 Aug. 1752, at gr. age. Daggett.

    CARD, FRANCIS, a soldier of good serv. in the Ind. war, 1677, at the
E. bur Hubbard, 271-5, does not say, whence he came, or where he
resid. RICHARD, Newport, among the freem. in 1655, tho. some suspicion
is felt, that his name is only abbreviat. for Carder. WILLIAM,
Newebury, 1680, a witness in the prosecut. of Elizabeth w. of William Morse,
for witchcr. tho. in the large investigat. bestow. by Coffin on the case in
his delightful Hist. of the town, how his evidence serv. to prove the
charge of the folly, is not seen. He m. 10 Jan. 1693, Hannah, wid. of
Job Coit, and rem. to Gloucester, had Mary, b. 1693; William, 1696;
Hannah, 1699; John, 1701; and Benjamin, 1710.

    CARDER, JAMES, Warwick, sec. s. of Richard of the same, m. Mary,
eldest d. of the sec. John Whipple of Providence, had only Sarah.
JOHN, Warwick, br. prob. elder, of the preced. m. 1 Dec. 1671, Mary,
d. of Randal Holden, and had John, b. 6 Mar. 1673; William; Richard;
Mary; Joseph; and Sarah. At W. descend. are num. But he
had former w. Martha, d. of Gov. Brenton. JOSEPH, Warwick, youngest