Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p312


Volume 1, Page 312

Wethersfield, m. 1645, Mary wid. of Samuel Ireland, rem. to New
London 1650, had John, and perhaps others, for descend. still liv. there;
and his w. d. Dec. 1672, and he in Aug. 1682. His success. spell.
Burroughs, and most of the foregoing have, at times, done the same.
WILLIAM, Providence 1641, came, perhaps, in the Susan and Ellen,
1635, aged 19, was among freem. 1655, and liv. 1663, but w. or ch.
are unkn.

    BURSELL or BURSTALL, JAMES, Yarmouth 1643, d. Oct. 1676, leav.
three ds. JOHN, Yarmouth 1643, perhaps b. of the preced. of wh. no
more is kn. It may seem a strange name, and certain. is not now found.

    BURSLEY, BURSLEM or BURSLIN, JOHN, an early sett. at Weymouth
reckon. some 3 or 4 yrs. among "old planters," and was soon after at
Dorchester, req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and was sw. 18 May foll.
When first nam. he is call. Mr. and was rep. 1636, m. at Sandwich, 28
Nov. 1639, Joanna, d. of Rev. Joseph Hull of Barnstable, had fix. at
Barnstable, and there was his d. Mary bapt. 30 July 1643; John, 22 Sept.
1644, d. in few wks. Joanna, 1 Mar. 1646; Elizabeth 25 Mar. 1649; and
John, again, 11 Apr. 1652; beside the first ch. wh. d. sudden. 25 Jan. 1641,
very young; prob. Temperance, wh. m. Dec. 1677, Joseph Crocker of
B.; and Joanna, wh. m. Shubael Dimmock, as sec. w. He was at Exeter
1643 and 5, short time at Hampton, but of Kittery 1647-53, went back
to the neighb. of Barnstable, there d. prob. 1660. His wid. bec. sec. or
third w. of the first Dolor Davis. Mary m. 25 Apr. 1663, John Crocker;
and Elizabeth m. Nov. 1666, Nathaniel Goodspeed, and, next, Oct. 1675,
Increase Clap. JOHN, Barnstable, s. of the preced. m. Dec. 1673, Elizabeth
d. of sec. John Howland of the same, had Elizabeth b. Oct. 1674, wh. d.
next yr.; Mary, Oct. 1675, d. in few mos.; John, 1 Mar. 1678; Mary,
again, 23 May 1679; Jabez, 21 Aug. 1681; Joanna, 29 Nov. 1684;
Joseph, 29 Jan. 1687; Abigail, 27 Aug. 1690; Elizabeth again, 5 Aug.
1692; and Temperance, 3 Jan. 1695. Descend. of his youngest s.
enjoy to this day the est. of the first ancest. In Eng. a parish is nam.

    BURT, BENJAMIN, Deerfield, s. of David, m. 19 Oct. 1702, Sarah, d.
of Daniel Belden, had Jonathan, and perhaps other s. DAVID, Northampton,
s. of Henry, b. in Eng. one of the first sett. at N. m. 18 Nov.
1655, Mary, d. of deac. William Holton, had David, b. 14 July 1656,
k. by a cart 30 Aug. 1660; Jonathan, 1 May 1658, d. at 4 yrs.;
Henry, 20 Aug. 1660; Mary, 18 Mar. 1663, d. at 3 yrs.; Sarah, 2
May 1665; Hannah, 2 Sept. 1667, d. young; David, again, 25 Aug.
1669, a soldier, tak. by the French and Ind. 9 Feb. 1690, from Schenectady
to Canada, whence he never ret.; Jonathan, 5 Sept. 1671; Joseph,
26 Sept. 1673; Mary, again, 3 May 1676; Ruth, Apr. 1677, says the