Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p299

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Volume 1, Page 299

a yr. he had gr. from the same power of fifty acres, so we may not doubt,
that he was convinc. of the errors in doctrine that had misled him. By
w. Judith (wh. prob. he brot. from Eng. with his s. John) he had Beenjamin,
bapt. 20 Sept. 1635, H. C. 1658, bef. ment.; Jonathan, 8 Apr.
1638; and she d. 10 Oct. 1646. For sec. w. he took Margaret, wid. of
deac. Edward Howe of Watertown, and he d. in 1664 or 5, for 4 Oct. of
that latter yr. was pro. his will, made 12 May preced. In latter yrs. he
rem. to Malden, but he own. bef. and after, the summit of that hill of
glory bear. his nam. His eldest s. John, with the other two d. ds. Mary,
Martha, and Elizabeth surv. Elizabeth m. Edward Burt. GEORGE, Ipswich, s.
of William, a Hugenot in Eng. liv. at Topsfield after m. with Jane
Godfrey, and there was drown. 26 May 1658. His wid. gave inv. of
L300. 20 June foll. At the date of his d. the ch. were Elizabeth aged 12;
William, 10; Mary, 6; Ann, 4; and Martha, 1 and 1/2. His wid. soon
m. Richard Swain, went to Nantucket with those ch. and she d. 31 Oct.
1662, the earliest, in rec. of d. on that isl. Elizabeth m. Thomas Look; Mary
m. Stephen Coffin, Ann m. Joseph Coleman; and Martha m. 8 Oct. 1676,
Stephen Hussey. JAMES, Dover 1653, had James, and perhaps Joseph, and
John, and d. 1698. JOHN, Malden, eldest s. of George the first, b. in Eng. a.
1632, m. 16 Sept. 1655, Hannah Miller, had Hannah, b. Oct. 1656, d. young;
Mary, 29 Dec. 1658; John, Jan. 1661, d. in few days; John, again, May 1662;
Edward; and Joseph, Feb. 1666; and d. 10 Sept. 1672; in his will, made the
same day, names eldest s. John, eldest d. Mary, s. Edward, and Joseph,
and d. Hannah, wh. m. 2 May 1689, as his sec. w. Samuel Newman of
Rehoboth. JOHN, Portsmouth or Dover, s. of James, was one of the
many wh. in 1690, desir. Mass. jurisdict. tro be stretch. over N. H.
JONATHAN, Charlestown, s. of George of the same, m. 30 Jan. 1663,
Mary Howard, perhaps wid. of Nathaniel Hayward or Howard, d. of the
Rev. Thomas Gould, and d. 2 June 1678, as tells the gr. stone, but town rec.
says 1677. He prob. had fam. yet not to be found on rec. WILLIAM, Topsfield,
s. of George of the same, was nam. for his gr.f. in Eng. and after d.
of his d. and m. of his mo. again, was carr. by her to Nantucket in 1658,
m. 11 Apr. 1669, Mary, d. of Thomas Macy, founder of that settlem.
had George, b. 22 Apr. 1671; John, 23 July 1673; Jonathan, 25 Feb.
1675; Peleg, 1 Dec. 1676; Jabez, 7 Nov. 1678; Thomas, 8 Apr. 1680;
and Benjamin, 28 May 1683; and d. 26 June 1712.

    BUNN or BUNNE, EDWARD, Hull, had, prob. by first w. that d. Elizabeth
wh. m. Oct. 1673, Joseph Howe of Boston; but for sec. w. m. 20 Aug.
1657, Elizabeth Mason; and d. soon after mak. his will of 14 Apr. 1673, in
wh. he names only w. Elizabeth cous. Sarah, James Mason, and Samuel Lee.
He was one of the earliest sett. of Nantasket, his right being ackn. in
1642, bef. it got the name of Hull. MATTHEW, Hull, by w. Esther had
Matthew, b. 9 June 1659; Nathaniel, 23 Mar. 1664; and Esther, 2
Nov. 1665. It had been sometimes thot. that this name was the same as