Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p281


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Volume 1, Page 281

Chester, bec. a draper at Shrewsbury in the adjoin. Co. Salop, had
brot. w. Sarah and ch. Mary and here had Rebecca; Hannah, b. 9 Jan.
1644; and John, 2 June 1646. The time of his d. is unkn. but he was
alive 1680. In spel. the name slight variety occurs. A let. of 11 Oct.
1679 to his d. and her h. at New London, from Newark, to tell of the d.
of their min. the first Pierson, is sign. Ob. Brewen, but by the w. Sarah
Bruen. His d. Mary m. 1653. John Baldwin of Milford, as his sec. w.;
Hannah m. 1663, John Baldwin of Milford, s. of the h. of her sis. but perhaps
d. soon, as he is said to have d. on a voyage unm. but it may be
that her h. was ano. of the frequent Johns; Rebecca m. 1663, Thomas
Post of Norwich, as his sec. w. Rev. Matthias, b. at Newark, 11 Apr.
1793, Columb. Coll. 1812, d. 11 Nov. 1829, was a descend. of high

    BRUFF. See Brough.

    BRUNDISH, JOHN, perhaps of Watertown at first, freem. 4 Mar. 1635,
rem. early to Wethersfield, d. 1639, leav. wid. Rachel, wh. m. Anthony
Wilson of Fairfield
, one s. and four ds.

    BRUNETT, HENRY, Boston, merch. d. early in 1687.

    BRUNNING. See Browning.

    BRUSH, GEORGE, Woburn, said to be a Scotchman, m. 20 Dec. 1659,
Elizabeth d. of William Clark, had William, b. 21 Nov. 1660, d. in few wks.;
William, again, 20 Oct. 1661, d. in two wks.; Elizabeth 96 Jan. 1663, d.
young; Mary, 15 June 1665; William, again, 28 Apr. 1667; John, 18
June 1670; Elizabeth again, 24 Aug. 1672; George, 18 Jan. 1674, d. same
day; Joseph, 11 Jan. 1675, d. at one yr.; Joseph, again, 29 Dec. 1676;
Samuel, 28 Mar. 1680; Margery, 24 Apr. 1684; and Lydia, 10 Apr.
1687; was freem. 1690, and d. 13 Aug. 1692. The name is made
Bruce. His d. Mary m. 4 June 1683, Walter Cranston. THOMAS,
Southold, L. I. 1662, freem. of Conn. 1664. WILLIAM, Woburn, s. of
George, m. 15 Mar. 1693, Elizabeth Gould, had Mary, b. 6 Dec. 1693;
William, 11 Mar. 1696; John, 9 Nov. 1698; Samuel, 11 Mar. 1701;
Abigail, 29 Mar. 1702; Thomas, 20 Mar. 1705; James, 16 June 1708;
Rebecca, 26 Sept. 1709; and Lydia, 24 Aug. 1712; was a. lieut. after
serv. in the Ind. war 1690.

    BRUSTER, JOHN, Portsmouth 1665, had m. Mary, d. of Roger
Knight, one of Mason's men, so long bef. Dec. 1656, that her f. at Dover,
writ. to his s.-in-law in that mo. speaks of his w. "Mary and the dear
childr." was freem. 1672, of gr. jury 1687. Descend. are num. but they
spell for Brewster, the name on Col. rec. is Breuster.

    BRYAN, ALEXANDER, Milford 1639, a man of influence in the Col. of
New Haven, and after union with Conn. Assist. 1668-73. Ann, prob.
his w. d. there 20 Feb. 1661, and he m. the wid. of Samuel Fitch, the