Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p259


Volume 1, Page 259

Apr. 1729; Mary, 15 Sept. 1730; both d. soon; Sarah, 20 Apr. 1732,
m. Jeremiah Powell, Esqr. wh. in the war of the Revo. was, most of the
time, head of the gov. of Mass.; Thomas, 30 Oct. 1733, an emin. merch. in
London; Samuel, 7 Oct. 1736, tho. ano. rec. had ano. date; Mary, again,
wh. m. William Powell, Esq.; and John, 1743. He d. 10 Apr. 1756,
after fill. many import. offices, rep. 4 yrs. from 1739, but especial. honor.
as overseer of the poor thro. long period.

    BROMLEY, LUKE, Stonington, m. Hannah, d. of Thomas Stafford, wh.
names her in his will; and he next m. Thomasin Packer, had Thomasine,
b. 1692; William, 1693; and Thomas, 1695; d. 1697.

    BRONSDEN, ROBERT, Boston, merch. freem. 1690; had Elizabeth wh. m.
Samuel Greenwood.

    BRONSON. See Brownson.

    BROOKHAVEN, JOHN, Rhode Isl. 1669, a capt. call. 1671, citiz. of
London, perhaps ar. co. 1681.

1681, leav. w. and four young ch. of wh. one was William. JOHN,
Boston 1658, by w. Elizabeth had John, b. 11 May 1659, d. in three mos.;
Elizabeth 26 May 1660; John, again, 17 Feb. 1662; Jane, 16 June, 1664;
Christian, 22 July 1667; Mary, 20 Jan. 1670; Abigail, 8 Oct. 1671;
Mercy, 15 Dec. 1676; Jonathan, 18 Oct. 1678; and William, 17 Sept,
1681. His will of 27 Oct. 1682 was pro. 25 Apr. foll. JOHN, Boston,
prob. s. of the preced. by w. Abigail, had John, b. 23 Sept. 1687. WILLIAM,
Portsmouth 1631, sent over by Mason to his planta. by w. Mary,
d. perhaps of Thomas Walford, wh. rem. thither from Charlestown, had
Rebecca, wh. m. bef. 1679, Thomas Pomeroy; Mary, wh. m. a Lucy;
Sarah, wh. m. a. 1684, Jacob Brown; Martha, wh. m. John Lewis; and
next, a Rendall; ano. d. m. John Rous; but the dilig. collector of these
details in Geneal. Reg. IX. 220, suggests that there were only five ds.
and that one of the last two hs. had m. Rebecca, wid of Pomeroy. His
m. William Walker.

    BROOKS or BROOKES, sometimes BROOKE, CALEB, Concord, s. of
capt. Thomas, prob. b. in Eng. freem. 1654, rem. to Medford 1672, and d.
29 July 1696; m. 10 Apr. 1660, Susanna, d. of Thomas Atkinson, wh.
had five ds. (Susanna, b. 27 Dec. 1661; Mary, 18 Nov. 1663, d. next
yr.; Mary, again; Rebecca; and Sarah); and d. 19 Jan. 1669; by sec.
w. Hannah, sis of the former w.[1] had Ebenezer, b. 24 Feb. 1671, ancest.
of John, Gov. of Mass.; and Samuel, 1 Sept. 1672, ancest. of the late Hon.
Peter C. Shattuck, Hist. of Concord. He. d. at Medford 29 July
1696; leav. large est. Mary m. Nathaniel Ball; Sarah d. unm. or, as
one story is, m. 18 Oct. 1705, Philemon Russel. Rebecca d. unm. His
wid. d. 10 Mar. 1709. DANIEL, Concord, s. of Joshua of the same, m.