Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p249

Volume 1, Page 249

Charlestown, by w. Persis, d. of Thomas Pierce of C. had Rebecca, b. 2 Feb.
1644, d. soon; Samuel, 25 Mar. 1647; was freem. 1647. He is the same
as the preced. and his wid. m. Mar. 1652, John Harrison. Ten of this name,
of wh. five were clerg. includ. Rev. Thomas, whose degr. was hon. are on
H. C. catal. 1818.

    BRIDGES, EDMUND, Lynn, came in the James from London, 1635,
aged 23, freem. 7 Sept. 1639, had by first w. Alice, Edmund, b. a. 1637;
John; and perhaps by sec. w. Elizabeth at Rowley had Mehitable, 26 Mar.
1641; Bethia; Obadiah, a. 1646; Faith; Hackaliah, wh. was lost at
sea, a. 1671; and Josiah; his w. d. Dec. 1664, at Ipswich; and by third
w. m. 6 Apr. 1665, Mary Littlehale, prob. wid. of Richard, may have
had Mary, and he d. 13 Jan. 1685, in his will nam. w. Mary, and ch.
John, Josiah, Faith Black, Bethia, and Mary. Bethia m. 26 Oct. 1669,
Joseph Peabody. Perhaps the London custom ho. gives Bridges, tho.
on Col. rec. it is only a monosyl. EDMUND, Topsfield, s. of the preced.
m. 11 Jan. 1660, Sarah, d. of William Towne, had Edmund, b. 4 Oct.
foll.; Benjamin, 2 Jan. 1665; Mary, Apr. 1667; rem. to Salem, there
had Hannah, 9 June 1669; and Caleb, 3 June 1677; and d. a. 24 June 1682.
His wid. m. Peter Cloyes, and barely escap. with life in the witchcraft
. JOHN, Andover, s. of Edmund the first, m. 5 Dec. 1666, Sarah,
d. of James How of Ipswich, if the pedigree of Bridges, in Geneal. Reg.
VIII. 252, be right. By this first w. wh. d. not at Andover, or at least
is not on the rec. he had James, b. a. 1671; and Sarah; and by a sec.
w. m. 1 Mar. 1678, but not at Andover, Mary Post, a wid. perhaps of
John of Woburn, had Mary, b. 27 Jan. 1679; Samuel, 19 July 1681;
Eliz. 5 June 1683; and Mehitable, 29 Apr. 1688. On the sad mistake a.
witchcr. in 1692, his w. and ch. were imprison. JOSIAH, Ipswich,
br. of the preced. m. 13 Nov. 1676, Elizabeth Norton, and a sec. w. m. 19
Sept. 1677, Ruth Greenslip, and left ch. whose childr. says the pedigree,
are num. OBADIAH, Ipswich, br. of the preced. m. 25 Oct. 1671, Mary
Smith, and had sec. w. Elizabeth and d. a. 1677, leav. three s. not nam. in
the pedigree, wh. however, tells that his wid. m. 7 Oct. 1680, Joseph
Parker of Andover. ROBERT, Lynn 1640, freem. 2 June 1641,
ar. co. 1641, went home, but came back in 1643, was a capt. rep. 1644,
speaker 1646, Assist. 1647 to 56, when he d. His house was burn. Apr.
1648. Winthrop II. 237. From Lewis, Hist. of Lynn, we do not learn,
whether he had w. or ch. WILLIAM, Mass. freem. 1647, is prob. the
man of Watertown 1636, without final s.

    BRIDGHAM, HENRY, Dorchester 1641, freem. 1643, rem. to
Boston 1644, was a tanner, ar. co. 1644, constable 1653, was a
capt. and d. Jan. 1671, leav. good est. By w. Elizabeth wh surv. he had
Joseph, bapt. 14 Dec. 1645; Jonathan; John, b. Sept. 1645, H. C.
1669; Joseph, again, 17 Jan. 1652; Benjamin, 3, or 4 May 1654,
ar. co. 1674; Hopestill, 29 July 1658, d. young; Nathaniel, 8 Dec.
1659, prob. d. soon; Samuel, 17 Jan. 1661; Nathaniel, 2 Apr. 1662, d.
young; and James, 12 May 1664. JOHN, Ipswich s. of the preced. a