Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p233


Volume 1, Page 233

bef. By w. Vashti he had Samuel, b. 13 Feb. 1640, d. 6 July 1642;
John, 3 Dec. 1640, wh. prob. d. at Boston 12 Oct. 1696; and Samuel,
again, 28 Nov. 1648, d. next mo. The f. d. a. 1659, and in his will of
12 May 1657, we learn, that he had others by the first w. as it names
Mary Gibbs, prob. w. of Matthew of Sudbury, James, and Hannah as
his ch. speaks of s.-in-law Ezekiel Morrell, and br. Isaac M. See
Geneal. Reg. IX. 225. I infer, that Joseph B. a pirate, sent to Eng.
with the notorious capt. Kidd, 1699, from Boston, and execut. at London,
was gr.s. of Robert, and prob. s. of Joseph. See let. of John Higginson
in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 210.

    BRADLEY or BRADLEE, ABRAHAM, New Haven, s. of William
of the same, m. 20 Dec. 1673, Ann, d. of John Thompson, had John, b.
12 Oct. 1674; Hannah, 8 Nov. 1682; and five others; Daniel, 1680; Lydia,
28 Nov. 1685; Ebenezer, 9 Nov. 1689; Abraham, 9 Apr. 1693; and Esther,
14 May 1696; was deac. and d. 19 Oct. 1718. BENJAMIN, New Haven,
br. of the preced. m. 29 Oct. 1677, Elizabeth d. of John Thompson, had Elizabeth b.
11 Sept. 1678; Sarah, 7 June 1680; Hannah, 18 Apr. 1682; Susanna, 10 July
1684; and five others; Mary, 15 Apr. 1687; Desire, 19 Apr. 1690; Benjamin,
1 Oct. 1692; Abner, 6 Mar. 1696; and Caleb, 5 May 1700. He had sec.
w. Mary Sacket, d. I suppose, of John. DANIEL, New Haven, sw.
fidel. 1657, had w. but no ch. d. Dec. 1658, and his est. went, after
the wid.'s portion,
[1] to Joshua, Nathan, Stephen, and William Bradlee,
and the w. of John Alling, wh. was Ellen Bradlee. William was
call. br. and such prob. was the relat. of the other heirs. DANIEL,
Haverhill, came in the Elizabeth from London, 1630, aged 20,
k. by the Ind. 13 Aug. 1689. He liv. prob. at Rowley first
for sev. yrs. m. 21 May 1662, prob. Mary, d. of John Williams,
had sev. ch. but we kn. not their names, births, or full
partic. about his fam. DANIEL, Haverhill, prob. s. of Daniel of the
same, with w. Hannah, and ch. Mary and Hannah were k. by the Ind.
15 Mar. 1697. FRANCIS, Fairfield, the freem. of 1664, was of Branford
1660, and rem. to F. m. Ruth, d. of John Barlow of the same, had ch.
kn. only by his will of 4 Jan. 1689, to be John, Francis, Daniel, Joseph,
Ruth, w. of Thomas Williams, and Abigail, unm. His w. was liv. when
he d. late in that yr. ISAAC, Branford 1667, rem. to New Haven 1683,
where his name was long cont. by a mult. of descend. He had Isaac;
William; Samuel; Daniel, b. 20 Dec. 1696; Sarah; and Elizabeth JOHN,
Salem, d. June 1642, at Dorchester, by nuncup. will, pro. 29 of next mo.
ment. only w. and br.-in-law William Allen. JOHN, Dedham, by w.
Catharine had Salathiel, b. 16 Mar. 1642, d. at six wks. JOHN, Dover
1667. JOSEPH, Haverhill, had a garrison at his ho. wh. was surpris. 8
Feb. 1704, when his w. for the sec. time was tak. by the Ind. and carr.
away, her inf. ch. b. after her capt. dying of want. Abraham, his s. liv.
to 1754, at Concord, N. H. His ch. Joseph, Martha, and Sarah had
been k. 11 Mar. 1697 by the Ind. JOSEPH, New Haven, eldest s. of
William of the same, m. 25 Oct. 1667, Silence, d. of John Brocket, had
a d. b. and d. 1669; Abigail, 9 Sept. 1671; Mary, 6 Dec. 1674; Joseph,