Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p197


Volume 1, Page 197

1703; and d. 9 Mar. 1727. WILLIAM, Salem 1637, freem. 2 June
1641; prob. had w. Ann, d. of James Everill, rem. to Boston, and here
join. our ch. May 1647, had John, b. 18 Sept. 1652; and d. 1 Oct. of
that yr. His will of four days bef. pro. 18 Nov. foll. names mo. Ann
(wh. I find, had ld. 1638 at S.), w. Hannah ; ch. John, and Henry; br.
John; f.-in-law Everill, whose three ch. he also rememb. and childr. of
sis. Gorlick. His wid. m. 13 May 1655, George Manning. Of this
name, in 1834, the gr. at Harv. were five; at Yale, and Dart. two ea.

    BLAND, JOHN, Edgartown 1646, d. a. 1667, leav. w. Joanna, by wh. he
had ds. Annabel, and Isabel. The latter m. Thomas Lovett of Hampton.

    BLANDFORD, JOHN, Sudbury 1641, an orig. propr. m. wid. Dorothy
Wright, had Sarah, b. 27 Jan. 1643; Hannah, 7 Mar. 1644; John, 6
Mar. 1646; Stephen, 3 Dec. 1649; and perhaps more. He had come
in the Confidence, 1638, from Southampton, aged 27, in employm. of
Walter Haynes, prob. bring. w. Mary, wh. d. 4 Dec. 1641; and I presume
belong. to Co. Wilts. His will of 21 Oct. 1687, pro. 23 Nov. foll.
bef. Sir Edmund Andros, gave all his est. to w. Dorothy for her life, but
names s. Stephen, d. Maynard; beside s.-in-law Jabesh Brown, and Edward
Wright; the latter s. of his w. by former h. and the other, I doubt
not, h. of his d. Hannah. Sarah m. 11 Sept. 1665, Elias Keyes. STEPHEN,
Sudbury, s. of the preced. m. Susanna, d. of Robert Long, of
Charlestown. THOMAS, Watertown, m. 18 Dec. 1673, Elizabeth Eames
(perhaps d. of Thomas of Dedham), the rec. then spell. his name Blaynford;
and no more is kn. of him.

    BLANDING. See Blanton.

    BLANEY, JOHN, Lynn 1659, m. 11 July 1660, Hannah King, perhaps
d. of Daniel the first, had John, b. 5 May 1661; Daniel, 3 Aug. 1664;
Henry, 15 Aug. 1666; Hannah, 11 Nov. 1667; Joseph, 2 Oct. 1670;
and Elizabeth 17 Aug. 1673. For sec. w. he m. Nov. 1678, Elizabeth wid. of old
Thomas Purchas, or Purchis. Lewis's Hist. 134, says descend. of his s.
Joseph are still at L. JOHN, Charlestown, m. perhaps in 1668 or 9,
Sarah, wid. of John Powell of the same, had Susanna, b. 13, bapt. 15
June 1673; Sarah, 17, bapt. 18 July 1675; Ann, 25, bapt. 27 May
1677; Mary, b. 29 Mar. 1679; Rebecca, 13, bapt. 20 b. 1681;
Catharine, 15, bapt. 18 Feb. 1683; and John, 3, bapt. 4 Jan. 1685.
and the mo. d. 18 Oct. 1694, aged 51. His will was pro. 1706.

    BLANTON, BLANTAINE or BLANDING, WILLIAM, Boston 1640, a carpenter
from Upton in Co. Worcester, freem. 10 May 1643, by w. Phebe
had William; Phebe, bapt. 21 Aug. 1642; and Mary, 3 Aug. 1645;
and a. 15 June 1662. His will of 25 Apr. preced. names s. William,
for not giv. to wh. more of his est. he ment. one reason, "because he
win not hearken to my counsel;"and the two ds. to wh. he dispos. all
his prop. after d. of his w. with provis. should they die, "then his elder
br. Ralph, and, if he have no ch. then sec. br. John, both of Upton on
Severn in Worcestersh. should have it." He own. Id. in that pt. of