Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p128


Volume 1, Page 128

and fill. other office of import. Hannah m. 19 Dec. 1656, John Spring
; Susanna, and Sarah m. and had ch. but their hs. are not mark.;
Mary m. 7 May 1675, deac. John Bright, and next, 12 Dec. 1700,
Hannah Parker of Reading; Rebecca m. 14 May 1683, Edward Winship
of Cambridge; and Elizabeth m. 5 July 1694, Adam Eve of Boston;
yet to so odd a name Bond puts a quere for place, while my suspicion
attaches more to the person's spell.

    BARSTOW, BAIRSTO or BERESTO, GEORGE, Boston, came from London,
in the Truelove, 1635, aged 21, was in 1636, favor. with gr. of ld.
at Dedham, but prob. went not thither bef. 1642, ar. co. 1644, no w. or
ch. at D. is ment. bef. he rem. to Scituate, there beside some childr. wh.
d. early, had Margaret, bapt. 24 Feb. 1650; and George, b. Mar. 1652,
bapt. 12 June 1653, after d. of his f. at Cambridge, on 18 Mar. of that yr.
His wid. Susanna, d. of Thomas Marrett, or Marryott, of Cambridge, d.
17 Apr. 1654. GEORGE, Roxbury, prob. s. of the preced. by w. Mary had
Susanna, b. 2 Nov. 1684; and George, Aug. 1687. Perhaps he rem. to
Rehoboth, there had Samuel, 1 May 1705; and d. 6 Apr. 1726. JEREMIAH,
Scituate, s. of John of Cambridge, by w. Lydia had John, and
eremiah; the last was tak. by the Ind. a few weeks after d. of his f. (wh.
fell in the Rehoboth fight 26 Mar. 1676), and soon k. by them. His wid.
m. 1677, Richard Standlake. JOHN, Cambridge, usually writ. Baistoe,
was youngest br. of George the first, by w. Hannah had Michael, b. 1653;
John; and Jeremiah; was drown. 13 Feb. 1658, aged 33, by fall. thro.
ice of Charles riv. travel. from Dedham in the night. JOHN, Scituate,
br. of Jeremiah of the same, m. 1678 Lydia, d. of William Hatch sec. of
the same, had Job, b. 8 Mar. 1679; Jeremiah, 28 Aug. 1682; John, 16
Feb. 1684; Jerusha, 21 Nov. 1687, d. soon; Susanna, 5 May 1689;
Abigail, 8 Mar. 1692; and Lydia, 26 Mar. 1696. JOSEPH, Scituate, s.
of William the first, m. 16 May 1666, Susanna, d. of Thomas Lincoln, the
husbandman, of Hingham (wh. d. very aged, 31 Jan. 1730), had Susanna,
b. 3 June 1667; Joseph, 22 Jan. 1675; Benjamin, 1 Mar. 1679; Deborah,
26 Dec. 1681; and Samuel, 1 Jan. 1683; and d. 17 Apr. 1712.
His ho. was a garrison 1675. MICHAEL, or MILES, Charlestown, eldest
br. of George the first, with w. Marcia join. the ch. 5 Dec. 1635, and was
made freem. 3 Mar. foll. rem. bef. 1642 to Watertown. He was from
Shelf, near Halifax, Co. York, W. Riding, s. of Matthew, says Bond, bapt.
17 Nov. 1600, m. 16 Feb. 1625 Grace Halstead, wh. Bond, 677, notes as
the same with Marcia. He brot. prob. his w.'s sis. Susanna, wh. d. unm.
As he had no ch. his will of 23 June 1674 proves his est. good, as was
the spirit in which he div. it (see Geneal. Reg. VIII. 169); and his w.
hav. d. 20 July 1671, many relat. partook, beside the benefac. to his spirit.
guide, Rev. John Sherman, the farm of 100 acres. He d. 1676, not, as