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Volume 1, Page 101

other coll. in N. E. Prob. as the name is so very common, some fams.
are omit.

    BALCH, BENJAMIN, Beverly, eldest s. of the first John of the same, m.
Sarah, d. of the first Thomas Gardner, had Samuel, b. 1651; John, 1654;
Joseph, a soldier of "the flower of Essex" under Capt. Lathrop, k. by the
Ind. 18 Sept. 1675, at Bloody brook; and Freeborn, 9 Aug. 1660; and
he d. a. 1706, many yrs. after his w. as we infer from her not being ment.
in his will of 18 Jan. 1689. Being call. 77 yrs. old, it has been hastily
assum. that he was the first b. of Mass. as the late Dr. Bentley stoutly
assert. the same honor for John Massey, and brot. forward, as his best
evid. the cradle, in wh. he was rocked. But Felt seems to prove, that
Roger, s. of Roger Conant, was b. at Salem bef. Massey or Balch. It is thot.
all of this name in N. E. descend. FREEBORN, Salem, youngest s. of the first
John, disappears a. 1658, prob. going for Eng. that yr. and not heard of after. JOHN,
Salem, one of the earliest sett. of Mass. from the vicin. of Bridgewater, Co. Somerset.
came, it is said with suffic. probabil. in 1623, with Robert Gorges, to make establishm.
at Cape Ann, or Nantasket, and on encouragem. from White the
min. of Dorchester, a most earnest promoter of the colony, rem. with
Roger Conant to plant at Salem, on Beverly side, then call. Bass riv.
He req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and took the o.18 May foll. By
his w. Margaret, one of the earliest mem. of the ch. of Higginson, was b.
Benjamin, a. 1623, John, and Freeborn; but he had sec. w. Agnes, or
Annis, nam. with those s. in his will of 15 May, pro. 28 June 1648.
JOHN, Beverly, s. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Roger Conant, had Mary,
wh. d. young; and it is not seen, that he had other issue, exc. d. Mary, again.
He was drown. 16 June 1662, and his wid. m. William Dodge. Good memoir
of this fam. is print. in Geneal. Reo. IX. 233. Farmer notes, that in 1829 five
of this name had been gr. at Harv. and one at Dart.

    BALCOM or BOLKCOM, ALEXANDER, Providence, call. junr. when
he sw. alleg. May 1682, tho. of an earlier Alexander there, perhaps his
f. I find nothing. He rem. to that pt. of Rehoboth, since call. Attleborough,
m. Sarah, d. of John Woodcock, had William, b. 3 Sept. 1692;
Catharine, 7 Feb. 1694; Alexander, 4 Apr. 1696; John, 29 Apr. 1699;
Baruch, 12 June 1702; Sarah, 8 Feb. 1704; and Joseph, 23 Feb. 1706;
and d. 31 Jan. 1728. See the valua Hist. of Attleborough, by Daggett.
HENRY, Charlestown, m. Elizabeth d. of John Haines, had Sarah, wh. d.
8 Dec. 1665, prob. very young; Hannah, 16 Mar. 1668; John, 15 Oct. 1669; Elizabeth
14 Aug. 1672; and Joseph, 17 Dec. 1674. The s. had est. at Sudbury, giv. by
their gr.f.

    BALDWIN, BENJAMIN, Milford, sec. s. of Joseph the first of the same,
long bef. the will of his f. rem. prob. with the gr. migrat. to N. J. a. 1668;
or at least no more of him is kn. DANIEL, Milford, s. of Nathaniel of the
same, m. 27 June 1667, Elizabeth d. of Henry Botsford, had Daniel, b. 1668;
Elizabeth 1670; both d. young; Samuel, 29 Dec. 1673; Daniel, again, 1678;
John, 1679; and Elizabeth again, 1680. DANIEL, Woburn, s. of Henry the first,