Transcript:McPherson, Kansas, United States. Marriage Records/Volume A

County Marriage Records

McPherson, Kansas, United States
Nov. 1870—March 1880
Film number(s)
FHL 2319899 Item 5

Volume A of the county marriage records contains 288 pages, each sequentially numbered, with 2 licenses to a page.

The index to the records is in FHL 2319899 Item 4.

Note that any text not transcribed or unreadable may appear as simply "~".

Page License Number Name of Groom Residence of Groom/Bride Age of Groom/Bride Certifying Probate Judge Marriage Officiated by Title of Official
License Date Maiden Name of Bride Date of Certification Date of Marriage Date of Return
104 205 C. J. Sheffer Gypsum Creek 23 A. F. Waugh J. L. Rose Minister in M. E. Ch.
September 30, 1876 Amanda E. Tolle " " 18 30 September 1876 5 October 1876 Returned Nov 1, 1876
206 Henry P Worley McPherson Co 25 A. F. Waugh Benj A Gray J P
Oct. 6, 1876 Mary E Rezzer " " 18 sixth October 1876 11 Oct 1876 Returned Oct 30, 1876