Transcript:Leonardo Andrea's Jackson Research


{{{1}}} The original of Mr. Andrea's 1949 work filled 57 pages. More pages will be added here as time allows. Transcriber's Note: This was transcribed from copies of copies. On a couple of pages, the text had been outside the copying area. Printed at the bottom of these pages: “02/27/1998 22:26 LDS FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY” Mr. Andrea's work was donated after his death to the University of South Carolina which allowed the LDS folks to microfilm it. I have not been able to find this document in the LDS catalog. Note that when Mr. Andrea states 'still living' that indicates the person was still living in 1949 when the research was done.

_____JACKSON_____ Page 1 [of original typed pages]

Compiled for: L. J. Jackson [Mr. Laurie J.] and Henry L. Jackson

Compiled by: Leonardo Andrea, 4204 Devine St., Columbia 55, S.C.
Day of St. John Baptist 1949

1. This data has been compiled from what data is to be found under the surname of JACKSON in the South Carolina State Archives in Columbia. It does not contain the data from the Books of Miscellany. These books from 1730 to 1800 have no master index. The funds for this work do not include funds for this painstaking work of checking the unindexed data. In county seats will be found much data such as deeds and administrations and also church records and newspaper files but this order does not include that service at present. I have added to this paper some few items on JACKSON from other files of families I have worked on . . . . . Each item has a margin number and I shall often refer to these numbers for cross reference. I do not give the source of this data except in a general way. This is due to the fact that many of my papers fall into professional hands and they use my data as their own without credit or payment . . . Each item which is of your own family, I will give SOURCE at no extra cost.

2. Mr. L. J. Jackson knows that his family were originally in old Orangeburg District and from there removed to St. James Parish, Goose Creek in Charleston District . . . . The grandfather of L. J. Jackson was:

3. WILLIAM JACOB JACKSON born 10 June 1829 in St. James Goose Creek S.C. and came to Mississippi in 1855 as a single man. He came with his sister, Elizabeth Jackson who had married John Oswalt . . . After William Jacob Jackson had arrived in Miss. In 1857 to Mary E. Bagwell who was born 27 Aug 1836 and her parents having come to Miss. some 20 years previous and coming from S.C. . . . Mary E. Bagwell was born at Snowville, Miss . . . She died 26 Sept. 1898 at Ackerman, Choctaw Co. Miss. . . her husband, William Jacob Jackson died 8 April 1908 at Sturgis, Oktibbaha Co., Miss. . Among their children was a son:

3a. W. W. JACKSON born 13 June 1880 and still living . . . He married a Miss ______ McKnight. (What was her first name? In your data you did not send her first name.) and among their children is L. J. JACKSON.

4. OSWALT and OSWALD . . . Several of this family came to Mississippi
Henry Oswalt
David Oswalt
Martin Oswalt
James Oswalt m Elizabeth Jackson*
Emanuel Oswalt.

Emanuel Oswalt did not remain in Miss. But returned to his home in S.C. These Oswalt brothers were sons of GEORGE OSWALT of S.C. whose wife was of the Weaver Family. . . . *Elizabeth Jackson, the sister of William Jacob JACKSON had married JAMES OSWALT (See #3 where in the first list sent to me by L. J. Jackson he had JOHN OSWALT) and she was married before they came from S.C. to Miss.

5. Andrea: Some 8 weeks ago I went with a client of mine to old Lower 3-Runs in what is now Allendale Co., S.C. but one a part of old Orangeburg and out into Barnwell and then cut into Allendale Co. . . We went to the abandoned site of the old Concord Baptist Church. The cemetery is still used and I noted more than 30 grave stones to Oswalt and Oswald. Some were early. We saw no Jackson stones, but did note Jackson stones in other cemeteries in that area.

Jackson _____L. J. Jackson data_____ Page 2 of the original

6. WILLIAM JACOB JACKSON and his sister, Elizabeth Jackson who married James Oswalt, were the only two of the family to come to Miss. William Jacob Jackson told in his lifetime that he had several brothers and sisters who remained in S.C. . . . He also told the family that his father was named David Jackson and his mother was a Jeffcoat and that his grandfather was named William Jackson. [See correction at #318.]

6a. JEFFCOAT Family: They resided and still many of them reside in old Orangeburg District and in that area which was cut off to form the present Lexington County, S.C.

7. The 1850 Census for Parish of St. James Goose Creek, Charleston County shows several families of Jackson . . . . Mr. L. J. Jackson sent me this Census data from Washington, D.C. . . . all born in S.C.

Wife, Gracey Jackson age 50
Children as listed in the home:
Mary Jackson 27
Ranel Jackson 23
William Jackson 21
Robert Jackson 18
Martha Jackson 18
Albert Jackson 15
Ranson Jackson 13
James H. Jackson 8
Margaret J. Jackson 5
Martha Jackson age 18 was at the bottom of the Census list and was likely, the wife of one of the sons in the household.

8a. From some Family data in Miss . . . Here is how the Chart was:
David Jackson b 1804 and married 1822 to Gracey Jeffcoat
Children: Elizabeth (not in census)
Mary b. 1823
Ranel b. 1827
Wm. J. Jackson b. 1829
Robert b. 1832
Albert b. 1835
James b. 1839
Margaret b. 1842
Martha b. 1845
There were other children, than in the list . . . Andrea: Perhaps some of the following families residing next to them.

9. Samuel Jackson age 79 . . . And residing in his household (Seemingly a widowed daughter: Ellen Pye 49 . . . These children
Mary Pye 21
Peter Pye 18
Oliver Pye 17
Eliza Pye 13
Julia Pye 11

10. Matthew Jackson 28 . . . . . . Elizabeth Jackson 36
Lucy Jackson 5 . . . . . . . . . . Laky Jackson 3

11. Caswell Jackson 28 . . . . . . . Elizabeth Jackson 25
Bertha Jackson 8 . . . . . . . . . William E. Jackson 6 . . . . . . Elizabeth Jackson 4

12. Joel Jackson 32 . . . . . . . . . . Eliza M. Jackson 28
Agnes Jackson 3 . . . . . . . . . . Alice Jackson 2

13. The Photostat of this 1850 Census page, at the top shows P-836 (47-47) continued
Peter Jackson age 9 . . . . . . . . Lewis Jackson age 8
Eliza Jackson age 6 . . . . . . . . Thomas P. Jackson age 2
To whom these children belong, I have no idea. . . Andrea.

14. These names were kinsmen of William Jacob Jackson in S.C.
Jonathan Jackson Joshua Jackson Elisha Jackson
A sister of William Jacob Jackson married a _______ Hughes in Orangeburg Dist. S.C.
Also the Hughes family were related in some way to either Jackson or Jeffcoat.

15. Tombstone date of birth of Elizabeth Jackson Oswald born 5 June 1836. Oswalt, should have been typed rather than Oswald.

[Paragraphs are as below but the numbers 16 through 21 have been cut off on my copy of this page.]