Transcript:American Historical Register/Some Stories of Colonial Families: Stuart of South Carolina


From “Some Stories of Colonial Families: Stuart of South Carolina,” The American Historical Register and Monthly Gazette of the Patriotic-Hereditary Societies of the United States of America. Charles H. Browning (ed.). (Philadelphia: The Historical Register Publishing Company) 1 (Jan. 1895): 441-445. Available on Internet Archives or Google books.

Some Stories of Colonial Families.

Stuart of South Carolina.

The following genealogy was written by Charles, son of Patrick, Stuart and under his immediate direction, with a view of correcting some errors which had been committed by Crawford in his history of the Stuart family. This history had been sent by Crawford to Patrick Stuart, then in America, and he, perceiving the error, wrote to have it corrected, but never received a later edition of the work, and for that reason had his own genealogy made out and placed in his large family Bible, where it remained until the death of Ann, daughter of James, Stuart, son of Patrick. The said Ann was married to Edward Tongee, of Cain Acre, S. C. Edward Tongee died without children, and Ann Stuart his wife, married a Gist, of Union county, in the same State, and died without issue. Upon request this ancient paper was sent to the writer of these sheets, the book from which it was taken remaining with the Gist family.

Morgan Brown.

Note. The writer knew Patrick Stuart and his writing, and has no doubt that the paper sent to him was the original genealogy, and the proper signature of the said Patrick Stuart, whose pedigree it purports to be, and that it was made with his own hand.

12th of March, 1826.
Morgan Brown.

[1]“This is the Ingenuous History of my Pedigree by Uncontroverted History

Pat Stuart.

“1st. Patrick Stuart, of Ledcreich, in Balgheider, in the southeast district of Perthshire, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter to Doctor Duncan Menzies, and his wife Margaret, daughter to Robert Menzies (cousin-german to Sir Robert Menzies, of Weem, and grandfather to the present Sir Robert and William Stuart, brother-german to the said Patrick), came in company with six Argylshire gentlemen and above three hundred common people from Scotland, to Cape Fear, in North Carolina, in the year 1739.

“The said Patrick was oldest lawful son to Alexander Stuart, of Ledcreich, and Catharine his wife, daughter to Alexander Stuart, brother to Robert Stuart of Glenogle, predecessor of John Stuart, of Heindfield and Storrer.

“2d. Alexander Stuart, of Ledcreich, was only son to Patrick Stuart, of Ledcreich (who suffered much in the reign of the two kings Charles, and James the Seventh),[2] and to Margaret his wife, daughter to Robert B[uchanan], of Drumlain, cousin-german to the Laird of Lenny.

“3d. Patrick was son to William Stuart, of Ledcreich and Translarry, by Mary his wife, daughter to Duncan MacGregor, cousin to Gregor MacGregor of that Ilk, which family is now extinct.

“4th. William was son of Patrick Stuart, of Glenbucky, by his wife Christian, daughter to Sir John Drummond, of Niganer.

“5th. Patrick was oldest lawful son to Alexander Stuart, of Glenbucky, by his wife — Stuart, his own second cousin.

Note. This Patrick sold his right and title of Glenbucky to his next brother, Duncan Stuart, second son to the aforesaid Alexander Stuart, and his posterity enjoy the land and title at present.

“6th. Alexander was son to Duncan Stuart, of Glenbucky, by his wife — McLarin, daughter to McLarin of Achleskin, reckoned then to be chief of that name.

“7th. Duncan was son to John Stuart, first of Glenbucky, by his wife — Buchannan, daughter of Buchannan of McCorthe, predecessor to the Lairds of Ampion, Ochlevy, McCorthe and Dealettes.

“8th. John, first of Glenbucky, was second son of William Stuart, of Baldowran and Balgutheddon, by his lady — Campbell, daughter to Sir Colin Campbell, of Glenbucky [and Glenurchy], predecessor to the Earl of Bradalbine.

“9th. William was son to James Stuart, of Baldowran and Balgruidher, by his lady — Buckhannon, daughter of Sir Patrick Buckhannon of that Ilk.

“10th. James-Beg, or Sir James-Beg, as he was promiscuously called, was fourth son to Lord James, only surviving son to Murdoch, Duke of Albany, by his lady, daughter of the Earl of Antrims.” [Duncan, Earl of Lennox.]

During his lifetime Patrick Stuart corresponded with the members of his family who remained in Old Scotia. At long intervals, “American cousins” have visited the old manorial hall in Balgheidder, and have been hospitably entertained on making themselves known.

The items under the early dates of the following genealogical account of the descendants of Patrick Stuart are gleaned from data written out by him and his sons.

Patrick Stuart, Laird of Ledcreich, was a staunch supporter of Prince Charles Edward, and when the Prince failed to establish himself on the throne of England and was banished, the Laird of Ledcreich became disaffected, and, finding life in Scotland a burden, sold his estates to a younger brother and, with his wife and several children and his brother William,[3] left Scotland forever, and sailed for Cape Fear, N. C., in 1739. They landed at Wilmington, and first resided at Brown's Marsh, Bladen county, N. C., and about 1766–67 Patrick removed to near Cheraws, S. C., where he d. about 1772. Patrick Stuart, m., in Scotland, Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. Duncan Menzies, and had five children:

I. James Stuart, who m., in South Carolina, Miss — Vilporton, a French girl, and had one child:
Ann Stuart, who m., 1st, Edward Tongee, of Cain's Acre, near the river Ponpon, and m., 2d, — Gist, of Union county, S. C. She d. s. p.
II. Charles Stuart, d. unm., at Wilmington, N. C., in 1765.
III. Elizabeth Stuart, m. her cousin James Stuart, and had:
1. Catherine Stuart, m. Thomas Carroway. Issue.
2. James Stuart, of Mississippi.
3. Elizabeth Stuart, m. William Jordan.
4. Margaret Stuart, m. — Pope, of South Carolina.
5. Charles Stuart. “Joined the patriots in Mexico.”
IV. Margaret Stuart, m., 1st, — —; and m., 2d, John Carroway, and had:
1. Dr. James Carroway, of Mississippi, m. his cousin Ann, daughter of William Stuart. Issue.
2. Charles Carroway, resided on Cape Fear river, N. C. Issue.
3. Thomas Carroway, m. his cousin Catherine, daughter of James Stuart, of North Carolina. Issue.
4. Robert Carroway, d. s. p.
V. Catherine Stuart, b. 1738; m., 1st, Dec. 25, 1764, William Little (son of Chief Justice William Little, of Edenton, N. C.), b. Sept. 27, 1728; d. Oct. 1766; lived near Cheraws. She m., 2d, 1774, John Speed, and had by him:
1. James Speed, of Montgomery county, Tenn., m. — Henson.
2. Sarah Speed, m. “William, son of Claudius, son of Claudius Pegues, of South Carolina.” Issue.
Catherine Stuart had by her first husband, William Little:
Elizabeth Little, b. Nov. 24, 1765, d. April 26, 1829; m., at Cheraws, Jan. 22, 1784, Morgan Brown, IV., born on Grassy island, Pee Dee river, S. C., Jan., 1758; removed to Tennessee in 1795; d. Feb. 23, 1840, and had:
I. Elizabeth Little Brown, b. Feb. 6, 1792, d. Dec. 10, 1854; m., 1st, 1807, Samuel Vance, of Clarksville, Tenn., b. 1784, d. 1823, and had:
1. Elizabeth Little Vance, b. June 18, 1818; m. April 27, 1837, Robertson Topp, of Memphis, Tenn., b. April 20, 1807, d. June, 1876, and had:
I. Florence Topp, m. Aug. 8, 1867, William Martin Farrington, of Memphis, Tenn., and had: Florence, d. April 27, 1875; William M. and Valerie.
II. Catherine Elizabeth Topp, m., 1st, 1861, Col. William Brown Ross, of Memphis, b. 1828; k. at Murfreesboro, Jan. 1, 1863. Issue: Williette. She m., 2d, 1866, Lewis D. McKisick, of Memphis, b. 1828, and had: Lewis D., Elizabeth, Robertson T., Harmon, Madeline, Donald and Theodora, all living in California.
III. Edward Ledcreich Topp, b. 1838, d. 1888; m., June 24, 1868, Eudora Bayliss, of Memphis, and had: Maria Louise, m. 1891, and William M. Ball, of Memphis; Elizabeth, Eudora, Ethel, Isabel, Edward, and Norma.
IV. Alice Topp, m., 1874, Irvin McDowell Massey, of Memphis, and had: Irvin McD., and Elise.
V. Blanche Topp, m., 1877, Henry Watson Brooks, of Portsmouth, Va., d. 1888, and had: Blanche, and Isabel.
VI. Juliet Topp, m., 1884, Dickson Cunningham, of St. Louis.
VII. Robertson, Jr., unm.
VIII. Emma.
2. Margaret Lofland Vance, b. 1811, d. 1831; m., 1828, George Childress, of Nashville, and had: Charles Stuart, d. 1862.
3. William Little Vance, b. 1815, d. 1888; m., 1844, Letitia Hart Thompson, of Harrodsburg, Ky., and had:
I. Virginia, m. Thomas J. Martin, Louisville, Ky. Issue.
II. Elizabeth, m. John Rutherford. Issue.
III. George T. Vance, m. Ella Hodges, of Memphis. Issue.
IV. Susan T., m. Dr. — Vance, of South Carolina.
V. Lettie H., m. — Dupeau, of New Albany, N. Y.
VI. Guy.
VII. William L.
VIII. Margaret S.
IX. Paul.
X. Otey.
4. Morgan Vance, b. 1813, d. 1872; m., 1845, Susan Thompson, of Harrodsburg, Ky., and had:
I. Hart Vance, of St. Louis, Mo.
II. Dr. Morgan Ap Vance, of Louisville, Ky.
III. Margaret Vance.
I. Elizabeth Little Brown, m., 2d, William Thompson, of Nashville, b. 1786, d. 1863, and had:
1. Catherine Thompson, b. 1826, d. 1857; m., Eugene Underwood, of Bowling Green, Ky., and had: William T., of Birmingham, Ala., and Eugene, of St. Paul, Minn.
2. John C. Thompson, b. 1828, d. 1873; m., 1865, Rowena, daughter of Judge Orville Ewing, of Nashville, Tenn., and had: Morgan and Ewing.
3. Philip H. Thompson, b. 1830, d. 1871; m., 1862, Lucy Wood, of Bolivar, Tenn., and had: Rev. George and Philip H., of Memphis.
II. William Little Brown, of Nashville, Judge of the Supreme Court of Tennessee, b. 1790, d. s. p., about 1837; m., 1st, — Hightower; m., 2d, Louisa Gibbs.
III. Morgan Williams Brown, Judge of the Federal Court of Tennessee, b. 1800, d. 1853, m., 1827, Ann Maria Childress, and had:
1. Elizabeth Brown, m. Vernon K. Stevenson.
2. Jane Brown, m., Frank Williams, of New Orleans. Issue.
3. William Little Brown.
IV. Sarah Brown, b. 1796; d. 1859; m., 1818, Frederick W. Huling, d. 1859, in Louisiana. Issue: James.
V. Catherine Stuart Brown, b. 1802, d. 1849; m., 1818, William Arthur Cook, b. Davidson county, Tenn., d. 1840, and had:
1. Mary Ringgold Cook, b. 1819, d. 1849; m., 1839, Seth Wheatley, of Memphis, b. 1808, d. 1858, and had:
I. Catherine Stuart Wheatley, b. 1841, d. 1863; m., 1860, Dr. Dudley Dunn Saunders, of Memphis (his first wife), and had:
1. Mary Louise, d. 1885; m. Samuel Brent, and had: Gordon.
2. Kate Wheatley, m., 1892, George W. Agee.
II. William Arthur Wheatley, m., 1867, Elizabeth Bowen, of Winchester, Va., and had: Ella M., Pinckney, Arthur and Ada.
III. Mary Cook Wheatley, m., 1866, Dr. Dudley D. Saunders (his second wife), and had: Dudley Dunn and Elizabeth Wheatley, wife of Henry B. Deming.
2. William Cook, m. Jennie Ayres, and had: William, of St. Louis, and Elizabeth.
3. Elizabeth Cook, m., 1st, 1850, Samuel Ayres, of Memphis, and had: Dr. William, of New Orleans, and Prof. Brown, of Tulane University. Elizabeth Cook, m., 2d, Dr. Bolling A. Pope, of New Orleans. Issue: Bolling A.

  1. [Transcriber's note—In the article this line was printed in hand-written form with his signature.]
  2. This Patrick was a general in the royal army in the reign of Charles the 1st, and in the course of the wars of the two kings Charles, and James the Second of England and Seventh of Scotland, he fought twenty-five field battles besides skirmishes, and suffered greatly on account of loyalty to that family.

    Feb. 8, 1789.
    James Carroway.

  3. William Stuart, m., 1st, — Calvin, and had:
    I. Patrick Stuart. “At the commencement of the Revolutionary War he received an appointment of captain of the Minute Men of North Carolina, and fought at Moore Creek Bridge, above Wilmington, against the Tories under McLeod and McDonald. He d. before the close of the war.”
    II. Margaret Stuart, m. — Speller, a lawyer, of North Carolina. She d. s. p.
    William Stuart, m., 2d, Jone Williamson, and had:
    I. Catharine Stuart, m. — Duranghas.
    II. Ann Stuart, m. Dr. James Carroway, of Mississippi.
    III. Jone Stuart, m. John Stuart, of Woodville, Miss.
    IV. Eliza Stuart, m. Col. — Hamilton, U. S. Army.
    V. Eleanor Stuart, m. Henry Cage, of Woodville, Miss.
    VI. James Stuart. “At Cumberland College.”
    VII. Duncan Stuart, m. Penelope, daughter of Tignal Jones, of Raleigh, N. C.
    VIII. Charles Stuart, m. Catherine Knowlton, of Wilmington, N. C.