Timeline:Records for Hugh Linn


We have records for a Hugh Linn in the Old Chester County area of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware, as well as records for a Hugh Linn in Rowan County NC, during the period from roughly 1726 to after 1786. Among these records we can recognize four sets:

  • Hugh Linn who married Margaret Huston daughter of Christopher Huston on Mill Creek Hundred in Delaware
  • Hugh Linn who settled on Brandywine Creek in Delaware
  • Hugh LInn who settled about 1770 on Coldwater Creek inn Rowan County NC
  • Hugh Linn, Jr, who is designated as the executor of Margaret Huston in Delaware, 1758.

Some genealogists consider these to be the same person. This timeline assumes that they are in fact different people, though probably related in someway.

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YearHusband of Margaret HustonHugh Linn of Brandywine CreekHugh Linn of Coldwater CreekHugh Linn, Jr.
1705 Latest plausible DOB
1726 latest DOM to Margaret Huston Latest Plausible DOB, assuming he was the son of Margaret Huston, and an adult in 1747
1747 Execu. Of Estate of Thomas Poke; widow Ann Poke takes court action against him in 1762, noting that he is living in Chester County
1757 Latest plausible DOD assuming he is the husban d of Margaret Linn who makes her will in 1758
1758 LINN, MARGARET. October 21, 1758. Bethel. Adm. to Hugh Linn, Jr.
1759 Signs petition with William Houston; witnesses will of Elizabeth Johnson in Chester County
1760 Witnesses will of Francis Reynolds in Chichester Chester County, PA; Witnesses will of John Carter, Aston Twnship, Chester County
1762 Elder of Middletown Presbyterian
1765 Taxpayer in Ash Town, Chester Co
1766 Taxpayer in Haverford, Chester Co
1770 Samuel Woods ...On Mar 1770, He and his wife Elizabeth sold to Hugh Linn for 46 pounds proc, 148 acres on west side of Cold Water Creek in Rowan Co., NC. This land was adjacent to his father Samuel Woods, Samuel Galbreath and Griffith Rutherford.
1772 JOHN McCLUNG, Orphant Bound unto Hugh Lynn
1786 DOD based on will date in Militia Chester Co