As of {{{3}}}, the surname {{{1}}} has a [[wp:{{{2}}}|corresponding list-type surname article in Wikipedia]], providing links to biographical articles for people sharing this surname, but it contains no additional information about the origin or distribution of the surname {{{1}}}.

Documentation (not included in template)
This template aims to provide two pieces of information in relation to Surname articles in WeRelate: first, that a surname article exists on Wikipedia and, second, that this Wikipedia article is a list-type page only without content related to the surname origin or historical significance. Such list-type pages consists of links to biographical articles where the people share the surname.

This template should not be used for surnames for which there are Wikipedia articles which are more substantive than lists of biography links. It may well be that an article evolves from a list-type to an actual article over time ... and you can help that happen if you have information about the surname in question.

General apologies for this template requiring two parameters.

{{wpsurnamelist|<put the surname here>|<put the wikipedia article name here>|<put date or month-year when template applied>}}