This template is intended to be used for Great Migration passenger ships, and others where a number of the passengers are identifiable. To use this template, paste the following code into the bottom of a person or family page and fill out the requested information:

|shipname = Ship name
|yearsailed = 1630 <!---Year of arrival, if different--->
|summary = Two to three lines explaining the significance of this voyage or an interesting fact(s) about it.
|saildate = 1 May 1630
|sailplace = [[Place:Southampton, Hampshire, England|Southampton, England]] under Captain Christopher Jones <!---delete captain or master if not known--->
|arrivedate = 1 Aug 1630
|arriveplace = [[Place:Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States|Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony]]
|passengernumber = ~50
|listlocation = :Category:Ship name (Year) Passengers <!---Transcribed passenger list location on WeRelate. Default location is category or its talk page. Do not include double brackets. --->
|passengerlist = [[Person:First Last (1)|First Passenger]] [[Family:First Last and His Wife (1)|family]] - [[Person:Single Man (1)|Second Passenger]] - [[Person:Single Woman (1)|Third Passenger]] (and [[Person:Servant Name (1)|servant name]]) <!---General rules: Ultimate goal is to include all households if fewer than ~50, but effort can be gradual. Use the head of household name or family name (or both), but do not list out all family members. Do not include ages, occupations, origins, etc. if there are more than five people.--->
|primarysources = <!---link to sources generated by passengers or others at the time or shortly after sailing --->
|othersources = <!---link to other sources, including wikipedia--->
|decade = 1630s

{{{shipname}}} ({{{yearsailed}}})
Sailed: {{{saildate}}} from {{{sailplace}}}
Arrived: {{{arrivedate}}} at {{{arriveplace}}}

{{{passengernumber}}} ([[{{{listlocation}}}|Full List]])

Resources: Primary Sources: {{{primarysources}}}
Other information: {{{othersources}}}

[[Category:{{{shipname}}} ({{{yearsailed}}}) Passengers]]