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{{Scotland. Statutory Marriage Record
|year             = 
|location_type    = 
|location         = 
|sublocation_type = 
|sublocation      = 
|number           = 
|when_and_where   = 
|signatures       = 
|ages             = 
|residences       = 
|parents          = 
|witnesses        = 
|registration     = 
|image            = (Image name without the 'Image:' prefix.)


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Married in {{{year}}} in the {{{location_type}}} of {{{location}}} in the {{{sublocation_type}}} of {{{sublocation}}}.
No. When, Where, and How Married Signatures of Parties

Rank or Profession, whether Single or Widowed, and Relationship (if any)
Age Usual Residence Name, Surname, and Rank or Profession of Father

Name, and Maiden Surname of Mother
If a regular Marriage, Signatures of officiating Minister and Witnesses.
If irregular, Date of Conviction, Decree of Declaration, or Sheriff's Warrant.
When and Where Registered, and Signature of Registrar [[Image:{{{image}}}|frameless|200px]]
{{{number}}} {{{when_and_where}}} {{{husband_signature}}} {{{husband_age}}} {{{husband_residence}}} {{{husband_parents}}} {{{witnesses}}} {{{registration}}}
{{{wife_signature}}} {{{wife_age}}} {{{wife_residence}}} {{{wife_parents}}}
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