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What is a MySource?

Also known as "personal sources", MySources are sources of a personal, rather than a general interest, relevant chiefly to one WeRelate user's own research. A list of types of sources that would be considered "personal sources" would include birth certificates, family bibles, pension applications, and other family documents. In addition, MySources can be used for sources that are not sufficiently accessible or reliable to be Source pages (such as personal research notes, gedcoms received from other researchers, personal websites, and family trees downloaded from Ancestry or WorldConnect). If you create MySource pages for such information, you can repeatedly link to them from your person and family pages. This way you can reuse MySources without re-entering the reference information. You can also use the MySource page itself to make notes about the source, such as how to access it or its reliability. See About MySources. (If you do not need to reuse a source very many times, you may also choose to simply reenter the information on each page, using the Citation Only label in the source citation.)

How do I enter a personal source as a MySource?

You can create a source page for any source by clicking on Add in the upper left menu bar and select Source from the drop down menu. For MySources, clicking Add in the upper left menu bar and select MySource from the drop down menu. Fill in appropriate fields and click "Save page".
To create a MySource page for a personal source as you cite it, enter "MySource:your user name/name of the source" (e.g., "MySource:Ericblazek/John Townsend Birth Certificate") in the Title: input box of a source on a person or family page. Then save the page, click on the link for your new MySource. You may now click on edit in the left sidebar of the new page to add information.

How do I edit a MySource page

Navigate to the MySource page and click on Edit in the left sidebar.

Can I view/manage a full list of MySources?

For now, your best bet is to click on the blue MyRelate tab at the top of the screen, and then on the View contributions link under the Contributions heading. In the Namespace: field at the top of the screen, select "MySource". This will show you a list of all the MySource pages you have created or edited. In the future, we hope to simplify this process and allow you to easily manage a list of your MySources.

How do I delete a MySource?

Navigate to the MySource page, and click on the "Delete" link.

General information

Titles for MySource pages

MySource pages belong to the MySource namespace. The namespace is the first part of the title of a MySource page.
User name
After the namespace and a colon (:), comes the WeRelate user name of the person creating the page, and a forward slash (/). When you create a MySource page using the Sources page, the page is automatically assigned to the correct namespace and user name designation.
Source name
As MySources are personal sources, you can name them what you wish. It should be something easy for you to remember, so you can easily link to the MySource page on other pages you are editing. This is an example of a complete MySource page title: MySource:Solveig/Willie Haynie Birth Certificate.


  • Family Bible for Joseph S Tuttle. Contains annotated transcript of bible marginalia, links to images of pages which are under copyright. Since original content is not in the particular control of any given WeRelate user, the user portion of the page title is "WeRelate".
  • Email Content relating to the Wright Family. Shows how an e-mail can be structured for use as a source and transcript (provided that the parties to the content agree to the presentation).
  • Will for Helen Dennett. Copy of will in the custody of Jrm03063, both images and annotated transcript.
  • Interview Transcript. Interview conducted by Jrm03063 and original transcript remains in his custody.
  • Published Obituary. Obituary long out of copyright, images and annotated transcript on MySource page.

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