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Hi, I'm an Administrator for WeRelate. Thank-you for contributing!

Just FYI: We believe that consistency probably makes the system easier to use. Therefore, in order to make it easier for other users to find your Person or Family pages, in the future, you may want to title your pages using the conventions described below:

For Person page titles on WeRelate, use only the first given name along with the complete surname of the person.

For Family page titles on WeRelate, use only the husband’s first given name and complete surname, followed by the word “and”, followed by the wife’s first given name and complete surname.

To illustrate, the title of a Person page for John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. would be just "John Kennedy". Similarly, the title of Jack and Jackie’s Family page would be “John Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier”.

To explain, if they haven't run across them before, cousins searching for common ancestors might disregard an appropriate result of a search if it contains nicknames, or other names, even appropriate middle names, when they appear in the title of the page. If you have the middle name (or initial), when you edit the person page, please type the middle name (after a space) in the Given name field. Along these same lines, if a surname is spelled in multiple ways, the consistent approach is to use the most common variation as the surname when you create the title of the Person page, and then enter the other variations as alternate names when you edit the Person page. If the surname is sometimes spelled with just one “n”, please don't use parentheses (e.g., Ken(n)edy), because these marks make it difficult to index and categorize the name so that others can find it.

Thanks for using WeRelate!