This template is used to link to a person page at Billion Graves.

Format for use


A Billion Graves person page has two free parameters, a number and a code. The code looks like a name with all the spaces squeezed out.

Example: http://billiongraves.com/pages/record/JohnSDurham/530346

The person ID number is 530346. The person code is 'JohnSDurham'.

  • Substitute the person id number which is the final parameter in the URL for the ## above.
  • Substitute the person code which is the second-last parameter in the URL for 'code' above.
  • Substitute the human-readable name of the person for the name above.
  • Enter this template in the Record Name field of a source citation. Add Billion Graves in the Title field


{{Bgraves3|530346|JohnSDurham|John S. Durham}}

will display: John S. Durham