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Source Billion Graves
Subject Cemetery records
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Billion Graves.
Billiongraves.comhttp://www.billiongraves.comFree website

Billion Graves is a database of GPS-tagged tombstone photos uploaded via the Billion Graves app for iPhone and Android. After photos are uploaded, the photos are transcribed by volunteers on the site.


Person Page Citation

To include a link directly to the page on Billion Graves for a specific person, use the Bgravesmem wiki template.


To understand the two parameters needed by the template, consider an example URL for a person page:

The person id number is 530346.

  • Substitute the person id number for the id above.
  • Substitute the human-readable name of the person for the name above.
  • Enter this template in the Record Name field of a source citation. Add Billion Graves in the Title field


{{Bgravesmem|530346|John S. Durham}} will display the link as: John S. Durham

Cemetery Pages

To include a link to a Billion Graves cemetery page, use the Bgravescem wiki template.

{{Bgravescem|##|cemetery name}}

  • Substitute the cemetery id number for the ## above. This number follows the text cemetery_id= in Billion Graves' URL.

Substitute the name of the cemetery as it appears on Billion Graves for the cemetery name above.


{{Bgravescem|148786|Leavenworth National Cemetery}}

will display the link as: Billion Graves: Leavenworth National Cemetery