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where is that map? [13 August 2008]

I think you posted a wonderful image showing the early plat map with names of property owners. I don't know how to find it again tho I looked through the Southwest VA project. It had the name Carlock on it and I would like to share that map with someone. --Janiejac 11:58, 13 August 2008 (EDT)

Story about Southwest Va [14 September 2008]

I found the following 'story' on It is attached both to a public tree and to a private tree. I suppose this could be copyright but I wanted to show it to you. I've tried to get more info from the author and have not been able to get enough to make the connections I think may be in the original document. I've not been able to get a scan or a transcription. But this is intriguing to me. Since I have Rebecca Jackson who married Jacob Lowe in my data base, I've been trying to get more info about Rebecca because this story makes me believe I have Rebecca as a dau of the wrong Jackson. Anyway, here's the story. Do anything you want to with it; I just wanted to share it with you.

Saryfine Jackson Added by johnsonjan41 on 30 Oct 2007

In the pages of the surviving bible, Sarah's name was recorded as Saryfine. Born in Washington, Carter County Tennessee the 11th day of November 1837, little is known about her early childhood. There were many Jackson families in the area but none can be connected to her with any certainty. The journal pages that accompanied the bible, record a journey made in 1800, down the Wilderness Trail into Tennessee. The group of settlers was led by Walter Finely, an inlaw of Daniel Boone, and Stephen Jackson. Stephen Jackson's wife Hannah was also in the group. Stephen and Hannah started farming the raw land along the Little Doe River.

They raised a large family at this location including Arthur Finely, Eliza Jane, Richard, and Rebecca,(who married Jacob Lowe). Recorded in the bible. Sarah stated that her mother was Mary Morley and her grandparents were George W. Morley and Mary. Along with their names and death dates is James Brown Morley.

Sometime in the late 1840's part of the family moved back to Virginia and farmed around Marion. There in the early 1850's, Sarah married Andrew J. Scott. During the next several years, the couple had three sons and a daughter, James T. Scott born in 1858, George W.Scott born in 1859, and Andrew J. Scott in 1862. Tragedy struck, when Typhoid hit the area during the Civil War. The boys were wiped out from the fever within a two day period. Their deaths were documented in the journal. The family was very proud of J. Scott and his service to the Confederacy. When he returned from the war in 1865, he and his wife tried to resume their lives together. On 25 Dec 1867, the couple had a daughter, Anna Elizabeth Scott. This would be their last child. A short time later, they divorced.

In Feb 1870, Sarah married a man 12 years her senior. Jermiah Henderlite was a saw mill operator and a good provider. Jeremiah, had one child at home, Susan, a thirteen year old girl. Was this child his or Sarah's? In the early census Anna was known as last name Scott, but later Henderlite and then back to Scott when she got married. Sarah's little girl was just three. Three more children were born to this union. Memphis, born in 1872, Edgar, born in 1875, and H. Charlotte, (Lottie), born in 1875. Sometime in the mid 1890's J. Henderlite died, Sarah, Memphis and Edgar moved to St Joseph Mo. to live close to the newly wedded Charlotte. Charlotte had married Robert Beatty and Anna E. Scott had married George W. Keyes.

The family photos show Sarah still alive and living in Missouri as late at 1915, but there is no death date that I have located at this time.

That's the end of the story posted on --Janiejac 20:50, 13 September 2008 (EDT)