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Florence Molesworth [14 April 2020]

I have completed a seventh generation pedigree on the page for Florence Molesworth. Florence was a keystone ancestor in my daughter's pedigree to take her back into English royal families and beyond. At the fifth generation from Florence there are at least five of her ancestors who are descended from the Plantagenet kings and queens. I have added some very basic information (names) and Jrm03063 has added some further information for some individuals. --JeffreyRLehrer 19:37, 23 April 2013 (EDT)

Seventh Generation for myself, brothers and cousins, daughter and step-daughter. [14 April 2020]

Lehrer Andrews Seventh Generation. Starting at the 6th generation there is a gap in the Finn line and a few other gaps at the7th generation.

Lehrer Collins Seventh Generation. There are significant gaps in the Collins and Wells lines.

Lehrer O'Sullivan Seventh Generation. This still has some gaps back at the seventh generation.

Mooy O'Sullivan Seventh Generation. Has a significant gap in one linage.

Redgate O'Sullivan Seventh Generation. Complete up to the sixth generation, there are some gaps in the seventh generation.

Lehrer Mumford Seventh Generation. There is a gap with the family of Amelia McKenzie.

Lawler Tuskowski Seventh Generation. The Lawler line is well researched from Valentine Lawler but I need to confirm the correct connection to fill in almost all of this section. Hopefully recent DNA testing will assist with the Tuskowski line.

--Jeffrey Lehrer

I like this concept! [28 February 2014]

Two complementary principles:

  1. Try to consider your own legacy to the seventh generation of your descendants in your decisions and actions.
  2. Try to appreciate the legacy from the seventh generation of your forebears.

I have manged to complete the seventh generation of my forebears with but one missing set of parents (of Anna Cole) in the seventh generation. In the process of researching some of their lives I have gained a great appreciation for their struggles and their choices and the legacy passed down to me.

--Jhamstra 15:06, 27 February 2014 (UTC)

Hi Jim,

I am pleased you like it. I looked at Ann Cole, while I don't know the American records well, I am left wondering how her parents names have not been discovered when there is a date down to the day and a location. Admittedly I have a similar situation with one person who I could probably get the answer if I was willing to purchase the relevant certificate.--JeffreyRLehrer 08:41, 28 February 2014 (UTC)

Her birth date is taken from the inscription on her grave marker and other unconfirmed sources including a reference to an old family Bible not available to myself or other current researchers. The Vermont/New Hampshire area was engulfed in conflict at the time of her birth and there are many missing VRs. Vermont did not formally exist. It was territory claimed by New Hampshire, the Vermont Republic of the Green Mountain Boys, etc. There were candidate Anna Coles recorded at approximately the right time and place but no way I have found to determine whether any of them were her.--Jhamstra 10:46, 28 February 2014 (UTC)