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My great grandfather was a Hugh Morrow from Ohio. He came to Australia circa 1855 supposedly on the ship Georges from New York. He was born around 1831/32 and we have no other knowledge of him at all except that the story he told was that there were three brothers in Ireland. One stayed there, one went to America and one to Australia. After reading the information on your website I was wondering if any of this information I have just mentioned is the same to what you know. I would love tohear from someone who can collaborate or direct me in some direction.

Kindest Regards Jeff.

Sorry, wrong are of expertise. There is virtually no overlap between southern U.S. Morrows and those in Ohio and the rest of the northeast. Our project doesn't track those families or have more than one or two members from that area. And Hugh is unfortunately an extremely common Irish name among the Morrows, and most of them seem to be one of three brothers. Good luck! --Amelia.Gerlicher 19:54, 10 January 2008 (EST)

African American Morrows from Orange/Mebane Oaks [19 February 2009]


I'm David Morrow. I'm a law student looking into my family history. I have run into a dead end with my Great Great Grandfather "David Morrow" who would have been born somtime between 1799 & 1818 according to some old Census. Well, my family has been in Orange County/Mebane Oaks area for a long time. I can't find any information prior to my GGF David Morrow. The unique thing is that we are African American/White/Native American Mixture. I was wondering if we were related to any of these Morrow Strands; specifically the Orange County and Mebane ones! My email is 10:32, 19 February 2009 (EST)