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    The surname Rozwadowski is geographic meaning "from the town of Rozwadow".

    Throughout the 19th and early 18th century there existed a Rozwadowski family at Zarubyntsi near Zbaraz in Galicia, as well as in several other Galician parishes.

    According to Wikipedia;

    "Rozwadowski is a family of high nobility which has been powerful and important for centuries, first in the Kingdom of Poland and later in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Ignacy Jordan-Rozwadowski (son of Antoni by his wife Helena Rupniewska) obtained the hereditary title of Count of Galicia from Joseph II Habsburg Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire on 23rd August 1783. Konstanty, Wladymir-Wladyslaw and Aleksander (all sons of Jan-Tadeusz by his second wife Maria Wagrodzka) obtained the title of Count from Czar Aleksander II on 29th June 1872. That title is now extinct.

    General Tadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski, perhaps the most famous member of Jordan-Rozwadowski family, was one of the founders of modern Poland, the first chief-of-staff of the modern Polish Army, and one of the architects of the Polish victory in the battle of Warsaw.

    As Counts of the Holy Roman Empire, the Jordan-Rozwadowski Coat of Arms uses The Trąby Arms on a white shield. (See for comparison the Radziwiłł arms, from a closely related family, but which use a blue shield.) The coronet (modern version) on top of the arms designate the status of a Count of the Holy Roman/later Austrian Empire. The open faced gold helm also designates the family's noble status in Empire.

    The Jordan-Rozwadowski family is traceable to a Polish Bishop and his brothers ca. 900 AD,and was a member of the Polish nobility, and a part of Traby clan (see Trąby Coat of Arms). The Jordan commemorates a distant ancestor who fought in the crusades and as legend has it was the first Pole to explore the Jordan River valley. Another prominent member was the Polish Patriot Kasimirz Jordan-Rozwadowksi, who fought against the last partition of Poland. The family obtained the title of count from the Habsburg Emperor Joseph II in 1783.

    The Rozwadowski family members include:

    Kazimierz Jordan-Rozwadowski, 1757-1836, Polish Patriot Tadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski, 1866-1928, Polish General, first chief of staff of the Polish Army, major contributor to victory at the Battle of Warsaw (1920), great-grandson of Kazimierz Jordan-Rozwadowski Jozef Jordan-Rozwadowski, 1909-1984, Polish army officer & engineer, only son of Tadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski Melania Jozefina Jordan-Rozwadowski, 1912- ?, only daughter of Tadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski, no issue Jean Jordan-Rozwadowski, former president of MasterCard for Latin America. Calia Brencsons-Van Dyk (see List of Latvians), only grandchild of Jozef Jordan-Rozwadowski, only great-grandchild of Tadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski."