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A Y-DNA surname project for YARGER/YARGAR/YURGER/YERGER/JOERGER/JORGER and related names has been created with the goal of determining related families deriving from the Yarger families in eastern PA in the 18th century. Hopefully we might eventually find DNA matches in Germanic areas of Europe.

I am the administrator for this project at the FamilyTreeDNA web site.

Researchers have identified 5 or 6 families living in Berks, Centre, Union & Montgomery Counties of PA around 1800 who may be related. DNA tests should allow us to separate lines that are not related and allow us to concentrate on related lines.

  • The potentially related families are descended from:

George Yarger

     b. 1 Apr 1781 PA
     d. 24 Feb 1853 Monroe Co., MI

John Yarger

     b. 1785 Berks Co., PA
     d. 3 May 1853 Centre Co.(?), PA

Jacob Yarger

     b. 4 May 1789 Berks Co., PA
     d. 9 Jul 1863 Union(?) Co., PA

Phillip Yarger

     b. 12 Sep 1791 Berks Co., PA
     d. 16 Jun 1860 Berks Co., PA

Samuel Yarger

     b. abt 1792 Berks Co., PA
     d. ????

If you have interest in this surname and/or the possibilities provided by modern DNA testing you may contact me or go to our web page at for initial results of the first 3 members (4th is in testing now), and to link to information about FamilyTreeDNA and the services they provide.

I hope to use this WeRelate site to develop the genealogy of these early Yarger families.

--EWHoffman 15:46, 11 July 2007 (MDT)