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Subject: Tax Records

Level of Complexity = Low

Most tax records sources at WeRelate are from the FHLC and are microfilms of original records in a community. Beyond the obvious "assessment" records and IRS records, this subject also includes Town records collections that do not have content that (predominantly) fits other subjects (most Town Records collections are predominately vital records). In particular, municipal financial records and annual reports have been included in this subject.

Note that I'm not entirely sure that town record sources belong in this subject group, although I (User:kennebec1) am probably the person who has put most such sources in this category. There isn't an obvious subject group to apply to financial reports (spending reports) and annual reports that include town officers, detailed reports of municipal spending, support of the poor, school reports, vital records, and assessment (tax) records. Perhaps these should be included in the subject Institutional Records?

Key elements in reviewing these sources include:

  • Identification whether the source is a "Government/Church" record type. This means the Source Page name should be in the format "Place. Source"
  • Update of publication info, if needed, to identify the community as the Publisher/Place issued. The example source page, below, results in an awkward citation. There is no WeRelate consensus on how to set up the bibliographic information for a government record. This could be discussed at WeRelate:Current Source Projects. Generally, I haven't left a publication date on these records, as in the original they may be ongoing records (meaning, there are still tax records being created in the municipality today).
  • Check and update Year range if needed. For town reports, consider seeking additional information on the publication date range from a State library (repository), which can often be found via WorldCat.
  • Many municipality annual reports can be found at the Family History Archives. These are really useful sources with a plethora of local names and activities for the year of the report.
  • Update the text to clarify 1) where the original records are held and 2) any details you choose to add to the description of the records available. One option is to add specific descriptions to the FHL film numbers (see Film Notes section of the FHLC entry to assign content to the applicable film numbers). See example source page to see an example of text changes to consider making.

Tax records Source Example

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