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Subject: Family Bible

Level of Complexity = Low to Medium

Reviewing Family bible records is pretty straightforward. Many originate in Daughters of the American Revolution collections, so it is useful to have the DAR library search open if you intend to add information on alternative repositories. Begin by reading the FHLC entry closely, if one exists, to determine the origin of the work. The most complex part of updating Family Bible source pages is

  • determining what to use for publication information, which often involves searching for info/citations from the original repository.


  • Family Bible records often are held in collections at alternate repositories (NEHGS, Historical societies). Consider adding a link to the repository of the original records.
  • Family Bible records are often not "published" in a traditional sense, tho some are published in collections of similar items.

Working with DAR records

Often, records that were obtained from the DAR and microfilmed by FHL are not easily found in the DAR Library, because they are not titled in the same way. Use creative search terms (such as the DAR chapter name and the word bible) to find candidates. Match the number of pages in the DAR record to the number of pages in the FHLC entry to confirm.

Note that the DAR Library doesn't have a permalink for their records. I have used the [], and placed the text of the DAR Genealogical Record Committee (GRC) reference and the accession number in the location field of the repository.

Publication info for DAR records can be updated as follows:

  • Publisher: Daughters of the American Revolution, [insert state name].
  • Date: Use date from the DAR Library record
  • Place issued: Use location of the chapter that produced the record.
  • Author: If the author is a DAR chapter,

Some FHLC entries are microfilms of a portion of a larger record. See Source:Bible of the Merrill Family of Maine (1821-1857) for an example of setting up an "article" to reflect a portion of a larger DAR entry.

Family Bible Source Examples

  • Source:Stow, Frederick E. Unpublished Bible Records - A DAR compilation of many Bible records. Surnames were added to source page based on FHLC notes. Repository links to the DAR Library (note format of links - adds DAR details and refernce number to facilitate searches). Note also that the author is Mrs. Frederick E Stow, which is not reflected in the name of the page. Publication info derived from the DAR record.

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