Source:Underhill, Lora Altine Woodbury. Descendants of Edward Small of New England (1910)

Source Descendants of Edward Small of New England
and the Allied Families with Tracings of English Ancestry
Author Underhill, Lora Altine Woodbury
Year range 1600 - 1910
Subject Family tree
Publication information
Type Book
Publisher Riverside Press
Date issued 1910
Underhill, Lora Altine Woodbury. Descendants of Edward Small of New England: and the Allied Families with Tracings of English Ancestry. (Riverside Press, 1910).
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Published in three volumes. It was revised in 1934 under the same author and title. This version is more widely available on the internet.

From information provided with digital edition sale:

Of all the products Digital Editions has published to date (November 2002), the Small family genealogy -- "Descendants of Edward Small and Allied Families" -- is indubitably the most painstakingly researched and thoroughly documented. If it is not in the mainstream of classic "family histories," it is only because of its apparent focus on a single lineage of the Small family: Edward, Francis, Samuel, Samuel, John, Edward, Edward, and Edward Alonzo. Nevertheless, for the siblings in each of these eight generations, and for the several generations of allied families, the compiler, Ms. Underhill, supplies us with records (normally) for at least three, and sometimes four generations of descendants.

In compiling the genealogy of Edward Small, Ms. Underhill also compiled the genealogies of several related families. Any number of these compilations could easily stand alone as separate publications; and some of them can be rated among the best available genealogical histories of their respective families.

The three volumes of the Edward Small genealogy include chapters for ancestors and descendants of:

  1. Edward SMALL of Kittery, Maine (c. 1635), 302 pages (plus most of the forty-four page addenda, containing additional information on Edward's descendants).
  2. John HEARD of Kittery, Maine (c.1635), fourteen pages.
  3. John HATCH of New Hampshire (c. 1684), ten pages.
  4. William SAWYER of Salem, now Wenham, Massachusetts (1642), twelve pages.
  5. Experience MITCHELL of Plymouth (1623), ninety pages.
  6. Francis COOKE of Plymouth (1620), forty-five pages.
  7. John JENNEY of Plymouth (1623), twenty-four pages.
  8. Robert CUSHMAN of Plymouth (1621), eighty-five pages.
  9. Isaac ALLERTON of Plymouth (1620), ninety-two pages
  10. Thomas ANDREWS of Hingham, Massachusetts (c. 1635), twenty-one pages.
  11. Robert STETSON of Scituate, Massachusetts (1635), twenty pages.
  12. Matthew PRATT of Weymouth, Massachusetts (1623), 126 pages.
  13. Edmund CHANDLER of Duxbury, Massachusetts (1633), sixty-eight pages.
  14. Robert ROBERTS of Ipswish, Massachusetts (1635), 177 pages.
  15. MARINER of uncertain provenance, fifty pages.
  16. William DYER of uncertain provenance, 145 pages.
  17. Christopher MITCHELL of Kittery, Maine (1660), 191 pages.
  18. Roger TALBOT of Boston, Massachusetts (before 1713), eighty-two pages.

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The Family History Library only has vol. 1 and 3, which may be ordered through the nearest Family History Center. All three volumes of this edition are available on Google Books.