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Place Nassau, New York, United States
Queens, New York, United States
Hempstead (town), Nassau, New York, United States
Hempstead (village), Nassau, New York, United States
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Nassau County History Page (New York).
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The Fifty Original Settlers
The Patent
The Convention of 1665
Hempstead Convention Delegates
The Counting of the Cattle
Annals of Hempstead-1643-1659
Annals of Hempstead-1659
Annals of Hempstead-1667-1675
Annals of Hempstead-1675-1677
Annals of Hempstead-1677-1679
Revolutionary Incidents of Queens County
The Loyalists
Exodus to Nova Scotia
The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut -January 19, 1776
1776-Queens County-"Representation and Petition of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Queens County, on the Island of Nassau, in the Province of New York" - hundreds of surnames listed.
Civil War (a work in progress)


Census OF 1698 - Complete
1880 Census- Rockville Centre; Selected Extracts
Census OF 1892- Enumeration Districts

Religion and Churches

ANTIQUITIES OF HEMPSTEAD CHURCH by Henry Onderdonk, Jr..1880.-> Preface
Antiquities of Hempstead Church - Christ Church, Manhasset; 1803; list of subscriptions for building the church
Sandhole Church
St. George's Church - A short history and names of petitioners
St. George's Rectors- A List of Rectors, Wardens and Vestrymen + World War Honor Roll of St. George's Parish
Vitals-Early Vitals/ St. George's
Jamaica Church First Presbyterian Church - 1662
Flushing Remonstrance - Long Island History(link)
Remonstrance & Signers - The Thorn Page(link)
John Underhill - by John Greenleaf Whittier
Marriages - by Justice William Mott; 1793-1827
Inwood Folks - History of the Fire Dept.; Map; & more

Geographical Terminology

Explaination of the differences between Towns, Villages & Hamlets
A list of Villages & Hamlets & a short history w/ links