Rogers in Massachusetts

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Distinguishing the Early John Rogers of Massachusetts

There are three John Rogers more or less contemporary to each other. Many histories and genealogies have confused them. The first two died in 1660/1661; the third died in 1691 but might be a contemporary of the first two-- he appears to have lived long enough that some of his grandchildren were married.

1. WEYMOUTH JOHN ROGERS: The Will of John Rogers, husband of Judith, was originally published in NEHGR July 1856 and is copied here. It is dated "--8: 12: 1660" This means either 8 December 1660 or 8 Feb 1660/61. The inventory of the estate was taken 20:12:1660. The will was deposed 30 April 1661. Named in the will are: Judith Rogers, beloved wife. John Rogers, son (who had not yet married) Mary Rane, daughter Liddia White, daughter Hannah Pratt, daughter Sarah Rogers, daughter [unmarried] Joseph White, son-in-law

2. MARSHFIELD JOHN ROGERS (also of Sciutate) John Rogers, contemporary of Weymouth John Rogers who died the same year in Marshfield: See Pane-Joyce Genealogy; as well as John Rogers of Marshfield and some of his Descendants, by Josiah H. Drummond, West Hanover, Mass.: R.B. Ellis, 1898, 192 pgs. This John Roger's will was dated 1 Feb 1660, probated 5 Jun 1661. It mentions his wife Frances; his sons John, Joseph, and Timothy; his daughters Ann Hudson, Mary, and Abigail; and his grandchildren George and John Russell; wife Frances executrix.

3. DUXBURY JOHN ROGERS. Son of Mayflower Thomas Rogers, married Ann Churchman; died between 1691 and 1692 in Duxbury, MA. The will was dated 26 Aug 1691. Named in this will are: Son: John Rogers Grandsons John Rogers; John Tisdall (for the use of his mother Anne Terrey); Joseph Richmond and Edward Richmond Daughter: Elizabeth Williams; Abigail Richmond Granddaughters (sisters of grandson John Rogers: Elizabeth Rogers, Hanna Bradford, Ruth Rogers, Sarah Rogers. Note there is no mention of his wife who presumably died before this time.