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My line of the Queen family is perhaps my largest line, and come from my mother Wanna Lavern Queen Tarbet.

It began with the arrival of John MacQueen to the colonies in 1685. My ancestor John "Mac"Queen came to the Colonies in 1685 as a religious prisoner from Scotland. His name is inscribed on the walls of The Castle Dunnator as Jon Mkqueen. In the ship's log he is listed as John McQueen or McEwan. Many years later, when his son Timothy MacQueen died in Maryland, his wife Jane was listed as McQueen. His son William MacQueen dropped the Mac when he moved to North Carolina in 1740 and it remained unchanged.

They arrived in NJ, USA from Leith on the Henry & Francis in 1685. The ship "Henry & Francis" of Newcastle, Leith, Scotland (September 5, 1685) landed in Perth Amboy, New Jersey in December, 1685. Passengers were scattered into East Pennsylvania and New York. Some were eventually persecuted and banished to New Jersey, Delaware and South Carolina. This information from Harry Hoskins

The name change from MacQueen to Queen was precipitated by the hatred of the Scots by the British who were at the time in control of the colonies, and would not allow people with Scottish names to be granted land. So, in order to obtain land in this new country, it was easiest to drop the Mc or Mac from the last name.

Queens have served in almost every conflict involving the Americans from the French-Indian war of 1754-1763, to the present day conflicts. They have also served their colony, state,counties, and communities in both elected and appointed positions over the years.

This line contains my only known "Horse Thief" in my family in the person of "Kep" Queen, 1860-1888. His existence provides a brief, yet colorful incident in my family tree.

The Queen line also connects with the only "famous" people in my tree, namely, among others, General Sam Houston, and President Lyndon B. Johnson. These relationships are remote but never the less extant