Place talk:Albemarle, Sussex, Virginia, United States


Place pages for parishes [18 November 2013]

Hi Janiejac - I have bumped into this page and the one created for this same Albemarle Parish pre-1754 when it was in Surry County (Place:Albemarle Parish, Surry, Virginia, United States) and it has opened up a *little* can of worms for me... When I first saw it, I was going to merge the 2 parish pages into one which could then be contained in the appropriate county at the appropriate time. But then I read the "rules" again, and if I understand them correctly, it looks like US parishes should not have their own place page, since they are not political. Instead, we are supposed to use the county place page and add the name of the parish into the description box for each fact where applicable.

I guess that the fix for this situation is to redirect both this page and the other Albemarle parish page to the appropriate county pages, so that the existing person pages that link to these parish pages right now will come along for the ride. Does that sound like the right fix to you? I will hold off for a bit until I hear back from you on this. --Cos1776 17:49, 18 November 2013 (UTC)