Place:Whiteside, Marion, Tennessee, United States


Alt namesAetnasource: USGS, GNIS Digital Gazetteer (1994) GNIS47007354
Etnasource: USGS, GNIS Digital Gazetteer (1994) GNIS47007354
Running Watersource: USGS, GNIS Digital Gazetteer (1994) GNIS47007354
TypeUnincorporated area
Coordinates34.983°N 85.483°W
Located inMarion, Tennessee, United States
source: Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names

Whiteside (formerly Aetna, Etna and Running Water)

formerly Running Water

Whiteside was formerly called Running Water Town or Village by the Cherokee Indians. Located on the south east bank of Tennessee River, below Chattanooga, near the northwest. Georgia line, and 4 m. above Nickajack. It was settled in 1782 by Cherokee who espoused the British cause in the Revolutionary war, and was known as one of the Chickamauga towns. It was destroyed in the fall of 1794. See Royce in 5th Rep. B. A. E., map, 1887; Mooney in 19th Rep. B. A. E., 54, 78, 1900. Access Genealogy

Tennessee Historic Markers of Marion County Marker 2B - 5 Running Water Town - 700 yards southeast, troops under Major Ore defeated the Chickamauga Cherokees under the half-breed John Watts and destroyed their town, Tuskigagee, on Sept. 13, 1794. The town was in the pass in the distance. Dragging Canoe, the great chief, is buried near there. - Tennessee Historical Commission

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