Place:Orange, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States

Alt namesDraketownsource: History of Luzerne Co., Vol 1, pa 563
Unisonsource: History of Luzerne Co., Vol 1, pa 563
Franklin Centersource: History of Luzerne Co., Vol 1, pa 563
Pinchersvillesource: History of Luzerne Co., Vol 1, pa 563
Coordinates41.383°N 75.883°W
Located inLuzerne, Pennsylvania, United States
Also located inFranklin, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States    

Short History of the village of Orange

The only village in the township [Franklin] is Orange, situated near its center, where Jacob Drake was the first settler, and for a long time it was called Draketown; when it became a postoffice it was called Unison. When the township was established A. C. Thompson kept store there, and he called it Franklin Center. This caused some confusion, and a new name had to be provided, and as many of the families had come from Orange, N. Y., that name was adopted. Before this name was the permanent one, it, like many other places, had all kinds of whimsical callings. When Almanza Rogers kept the store, he, in order to keep the shingle-makers from cheating him, procured pinchers to pull out some of the inside shingles, and then the place was called "Pinchersville" The nucleus of the place has always been the store, and some of the keepers were Harley Green, James Lawrence Brown, Abel C. Thompson, Benjamin Saylor, James Holcomb and Henry Bodle. The first hotel in the place was by Peter Hallock, succeeded by John Worden. Jacob Shales, Dennis Alsop, - Felton, Hiram Brace, Harvey Brace, Maj. Warring, Mrs. Warring, - Housenick, - Robinson, Thomas Totten, Albert Smith, Chauncey Calkins, D. A. La Barre. Dr. Skeels was the first physician; then Dr. Brace, Dr. Parker, Dr. William Thompson, Dr. McKee and Dr. John C. Morris. Orange is a very nice village, the trading and business point for the surrounding farming country. There is a store, hotel, harness shop, blacksmith shop and two churches in the hamlet.

History of Luzerne County Pennsylvania H. C. Bradsby, Editor S. B. Nelson & Co., Publishers, 1893



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