Place:Maple Dale Cemetery, Olney, Richland, Illinois, United States

NameMaple Dale Cemetery
Coordinates38.7167146°N 88.0814265°W
Located inOlney, Richland, Illinois, United States
Also located inRichland, Illinois, United States    

Maple Dale Cemetery is owned and maintained by the City of Olney, Illlinois, contains about 600 plots, and may be expanded.(CoOCem) A plot map of the current grounds is available online.(plotmap)

There is a Find A Grave record for the cemetery, which notes 978 interments as of July 2015.(FGrvCem) There is also a Billion Graves record for the cemetery, but it contains only a single interment.(BGrvCem) The Richland County IlGenWeb Project contains a partial manifest of cemetery occupants, but oddly notes that there are 2,122 burial plots, almost four-fold higher than what the Owner's online information states.(CoOCem)(RCIGWMan) This discrepancy might arise from each plot noted by the City of Olney being subdivided for actual burial.

At least one personal genealogy site online has a page dedicated to this cemetery: that of Carl W. Gray, which contains a small number of photographs from the cemetery.(CWG)


The GNIS designates the coordinates for this cemetery as (38.7167146, -88.0814265).(GNIS) Examining the boundaries of the cemetery input from aerial imagery into OpenStreetMap in the Java tool JOSM, an interpolated center point for the cemetery was obtained as (38.7165700, -88.0816600).(OSM) The GNIS coordinates have been used here; the observed discrepancy is common.

Road directions:(CoOCem) "Maple Dale Cemetery is located at the corner of Maple Dale Street and Glenwood Avenue just north of U.S. Route 50."


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