Place:Mallory Cemetery, Kimball, St. Clair, Michigan, United States

NameMallory Cemetery
Coordinates42.90683°N 82.56236°W
Located inKimball, St. Clair, Michigan, United States     (1862 - 1927)
Also located inSt. Clair, Michigan, United States    



1.51 of an Acre
Caleb J. Mallory and wife Cynthia to the Board of Health of Kimball Township and their sucessors in office for the benefit of the Township of Kimball

Vol: 13 of Deeds Page 211, Warranty Deed
Dated: June 9, 1862
Consideration: $30.00

Convey a piece of land commending at the northwest corner stake of SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 33 6 North Range 16 East and running thence North 88 degrees East 50 rods 17 Links to a post thence south 30 seconds East 16 rods to post, thence south 88 degrees west 10 rods to pot, thence north 30 seconds west 14 rods to post, thence south 99 degrees west 40 rods 17 links to post, thence north 30 seconds west 2 rods to place of beginning, containing 1 acre and 81 inches more or less.

Acknoeledged June 9, 1862
Recorded October 13, 1862 at 11 1/2 o'clock a.m.


Atkins, "Lizzie" Elizabeth Brown

Beardsley, John T.

Bellor, Elva May

Bella, Little Ray
Bella, Robert
Bella, Sarah

Blace, John W.

Brown, Lucy May
Brown, Parker M.

Druce, Martha

Ferbuson, E-rther

Hubble, Stephen
Hubble, Eliza Phettiplace
Lafayette, Marcus D. (transcribers recorded him as surname "Lafayette", but his full name was actually Lafayette Marcus D. Phettiplace)

Lapp, John Z.

Lawson, Leah

Lynn, Alfred Corp

Mallory, Alzada
Mallory, Cythia
Mallory, Ery
Mallory, Amelia M.
Mallory, Benjamin R.
Mallory, Caleb J.
Mallory, Carleton E.
Mallory, Martha P.
Mallory, (No name)

Mccormick, Maud

Moore, Alice
Moore, Cynthia

Mustard, Ann

Palmer, Andrew
Palmer, Betsey J.
Palmer, Edw.
Palmer, J.D.
Palmer, Louise
Palmer, Thomas

Phetteplace, Malinda
Phetteplace, Resolved

Purdy, Anthony
Purdy, Caleb
Purdy, Mary Jane
Purdy, Richard
Purdy, Sarah M.

Roehl, Carl
Roehl, Fredericka

Tuttle, Cynthia
Tuttle, Maria
Tuttle, Richard

Van Marter, Nancy Jane
Van Marter, George W.

Wheeler, Brezilla
Wheeler, Esther Brazilla

Small stone near "Lizzie" Atkins with B.G. on it.