Place:Bramber Rape, Sussex, England


NameBramber Rape
TypeFormer administrative division
Located inSussex, England

A "rape" was an administrative sub-division of a county used in Kent and Sussex. Its history stretches back to before the Norman Conquest of 1066. Rapes were divided into "hundreds".

The rapes of Sussex are basically a series of six rectangular areas covering the county from west to east in the order Chichester, Arundel, Bramber, Lewes, Pevensey, Hastings.

This map of Bramber Rape is a portion of a map in Wikimedia Commons and is reproduced here under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License CC BY-SA 3.0 with credit to XrysD. The original source was

"Administrative map of the ancient county of Sussex in 1832. Showing Rapes, Hundreds, Boroughs. Source data on parish boundaries - Kain, R.J.P., and Oliver, R.R. (2001) "Historic parishes of England and Wales: Electronic Map - Gazetteer - Metadata", Colchester: History Data Service."

The darkest shade used in each rape denote the ancient Boroughs. The remainder of the shades used are simply employed to distinguish one hundred from its neighbours. Note that some hundreds had detached sections.

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Introductions to the volumes on Bramber Rape from the Victoria County Histories series produced by British History Online.

Image:Bramber Rape 1832 A.png

Hundreds and Parishes

Brightford Hundred Broadwater parish
Clapham parish
Durrington parish
Findon parish
Heene chapelry, parish
Lancing parish
Sompting parish
Worthing borough
Burbeach Hundred Edburton parish
Ifield parish
Lower Beeding chapelry, parish
Upper Beeding parish
East Easwrith Hundred Itchingfield parish
Slinfold parish
Sullington parish
Thakenham parish
Warminghurst parish
West Chiltington parish
Fishergate Hundred Horsham borough
Kingston by Sea parish
New Shoreham parish
Old Shoreham parish
Southwick parish
Patching Hundred Patching parish
Singlecross Hundred Horsham parish
Nuthurst parish
Rusper parish
Warnham parish
Steyning Hundred Botolphs parish
Bramber parish
Coombes parish
Steyning parish
Washington parish
Wiston parish
Tarring Hundred West Tarring parish
Tipnoak Hundred Albourne parish
Henfield parish
Woodmancote parish
West Grinstead Hundred Ashington parish
Ashurst chapelry, parish
Shipley parish
West Grinstead parish
Windham and Ewhurst Hundred Cowfold parish
Shermanbury parish