Place:Black's Cemetery, Adams, Pennsylvania, United States

NameBlack's Cemetery
Alt namesOld Marsh Creek Presbyteriansource: Adams County Historical Society
Coordinates39.8378729°N 77.2935965°W
Located inAdams, Pennsylvania, United States
Also located inCumberland, Adams, Pennsylvania, United States    
Gettysburg, Adams, Pennsylvania, United States    



Three miles west of Gettysburg, turn north from RT 30 onto Belmont Rd. One mile from RT 30


405 Belmont Rd
Gettysburg, Adams, Pennsylvania




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From:Warner, Beers, and Company, 1886 History of Cumberland and Adams Counties [1]

Black's Cemetery takes its name from Rev John Black, who was pastor of Upper Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church from 1775 to 1786. The church stood on the cemetery grounds, north of the Chambersburg road,in Cumberland Township.[2] until torn down about 1786. Among the straggling, crumbling monuments, the following names and dates of death are discernible:

First ColumnSecond Column
Mary Orr 1754
Thomas Armstrong 1754
Mary His wife, 1759
John Morrison 1749
Ann Fletcher 1773
Wm. Boyd 1757
Robert Black 1760
John Hosack 1789
Violet Porter 1753
William Porter 1753
Nathaniel Porter 1749
Wm. Boyd Sr. unknown
Thomas Boyd 1760
Rebecca Stevenson 1767
Robert McNutt 1772
Charles McAllister 1774
James McAllister 1782
John Bigham 1759
Agnes Bigham 1749
John Innis 1760
James Innis 1766
Robert Innis 1763
Rev Robert McMurdie 1796
Margaret McMurdy 1777
Andrrew Thompson 1768
Samuel Agnew 1760
Mary Agnew 1760
Alexander Latta 1772
Hugh Martin 1767

Many of the old monuments have been removed to Gettysburg and other places. The few remaining, as well as the venerable old home of pioneers itself, are in deplorable condition of decay. Hance Hamilton's monument, moved to Gettysburg some years ago, is badly shattered. It records his death, Feb 2, 1772, aged fifty-one years. Tis old settler commanded in a fight with the Indians at Bellemont about 1758. The pioneer McPhersons claim some ancient monuments also in the new cemetery at Gettysburg.


  1. The gravemarkers in this cemetery are also listed at Adams County USGenWeb archives.
  2. This cemetery is shown at USGS National Map. It is approximately 3 miles nw of Gettysburg.