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Doug Couch's Cousin, Kay Blair stated certainty Hannah Bangs' father was Edward, and that he came over on the Mayflower.

Kay Blair's certainty is apparently based on a poor assumption: that all people involved in the land division came on the Mayflower.

Source:A comprehensive history, ecclesiastical and civil, of Eastham, Wellfleet and Orleans, county of Barnstable, Mass., from 1644 to 1844, p. 18: In 1623, a division of lands appears to have been made, and a record was made of their grounds who came over in the ship Ann; among them is the name of Bangs, to whom four acres were assigned, which was a little more than the average quantity - some having six or eight acres, and some only one. This was probably owning to the number of which their respective families were composed.

Source:Library of Cape Cod history genealogy, Early Settlers of Eastham, p. 501: Edward Bangs came over in the "Ann" in 1623, a fellow passenger of Nicholas Snow. He was about 32, but his marital status is unknown. The 1624 land allotment suggests he was married and had children. He was the first treasurer of Eastham.

Source:The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, p. 8:368, Genealogy of the Bangs Family, Edw. came from Chicester, England, landed in Plymouth from ship "Anna" last of July 16?? [1623].

Source:The Doane family : (1) Deacon John Doane of Plymouth, (2) Doctor John Done of Maryland, and their descendants : with notes upon English families of the name, p. 21: John Doane, Jr. married, first, Apr. 30, 1662, Hannah, daughter of Edward Bangs, who came over to Plymouth in the Ann in July, 1623.

Source:Mayflower Descendant, p. 18:66 identified these 22 people as the ancestors of all possible Mayflower Descendants, all other passengers having died without survivors (half died the first winter) or being themselves related to one of these.

Possible Lines of Mayflower Descent
John Alden Dr. Samuel Fuller
Isaac Allerton Stephen Hopkins
John Billington John Howland
William Bradford Degory Priest
William Brewster Thomas Rogers
Peter Brown Henry Samson
James Chilton George Soule
Francis Cooke Myles Standish
Edward Doty Richard Warren
Francis Eaton William White
Edward Fuller Edward Winslow

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