Person:Wilson Hume (1)

Wilson Theodore Hume
d.8 Oct 1921 Portland, OR
m. 6 Sep 1855
  1. Edward Hume1857 - 1858
  2. Wilson Theodore Hume1859 - 1921
  3. Robert Alexander Hume1862 -
m. 24 Dec 1882
  1. Marguerite Hume1886 - 1977
  2. Katherine Hume1894 -
Facts and Events
Name Wilson Theodore Hume
Gender Male
Birth? 21 Oct 1859 Placerville, El Dorado County, CA
Marriage 24 Dec 1882 Portland, ORto Emily Oslin Hamilton
Death? 8 Oct 1921 Portland, OR

Wilson went to school with his Hume cousins in LaGrange County, Indiana. He was living there at the time of his father's death, which occurred during a visit to Indiana.

He moved to Portland by 1880, when he became a court reporter there. After four years in this position, he was admitted to the bar. He served in several elected and appointed positions. In 1889, he won election to the legislature from Multnomah County, OR. In 1892 and 1894, he was elected District Attorney for the 4th District. In 1885 he became a member of the firm Watson, Hume and Watson.

According to family stories, Wilson saw Emily at her high school graduation and determined to marry her. He served as executor of Alexander Hamilton's estate in 1887.

After gold was discovered in the Klondike, Wilson joined the rush to the North. On June 20, 1899, W.T. Hume was recorded at Lake Bennett as entering the Yukon on the SS Clifford Sifton. That same year, he was appointed city attorney of Nome, Alaska, and deputy U.S. attorney. After five years in Alaska, he left for San Francisco, where he practiced law from 1904 to 1912, returning in the latter year to Portland.

In 1912, he was shot by a man who was involved in a lawsuit, but he made a dramatic recovery. He practiced law and ran for the circuit court, but was not elected. In 1920, he ran for the State Senate, was successful, and served one session before his death, of cancer of the esophagus. He was cremated at Portland Crematorium. (Physician A.H. Wheeler, Undertaker Holman & Son). Remains deposited in "Daisy" Chamber of Columbarium, Section B, Tier 9, Niche 12. A.R. McKentley of the Tutor Arms Apartments provided the information on the death certificate (he didn't know very much).

Wilson recorded the death of little Katherine in the family Bible in a shaky hand. One and a half years later, his mother died, age 57. Perhaps these tragedies led to the heavy drinking that is supposed to have broken his marriage to Emily. Though no record of a divorce has yet been found, Emily's sister gave her marital status as "divorced" on her death certificate. Possibly, the separation came before 1899, when Wilson left for Alaska. However, he was listed with Emily and Marguerite in the 1900 census of Portland, living as boarders in the home of Samuel B. McBrid

Wilson seems to have avoided Oregon until after Emily's death in 1912. His second wife, Stella F., survived him. I have not found a record of their marriage, and do not know her maiden name, only that she was 56 at the time of his death. Stella administered the small estate. Though Wilson was a lawyer, he died intestate, in a hotel room, where he had been treated for his illness. In the records of the Portland Crematorium, she is listed only as Mrs. Wilson Hume, of 496 E. 50 N., City.


Records of First Unitarian Church (1011 SW 12th Ave., Portland, OR 97201):

Emily's baptism was recorded on Jan. 3, 1869 (V1-22). The record shows her birth date as Jan. 25, 1863. Her name is given as Emma Oslyn Hamilton.

Emily entered church membership on March 28, 1880, Easter Sunday, her name recorded as Emily (Emma) Oslyn Hamilton.

Her marriage to Wilson Hume was recorded on Dec. 23, 1882 (V1-216), with Charles Noyes officiating. (V1-216)

The baptism of Catherine Hume, daughter of "Wilson T. & Emma H. Hume" was recorded on Sep. 7, 1890, with this note: "Supposed to be dying." Catherine's birthdate was given as April 21, 1890.

The announcement of Emily's marriage to Wilson appeared in the Jan. 1, 1883 "North-west News" as follows:

"HUME-HAMILTON -- In this city, Dec. 24 by Rev. Chas. Noyes, Wilson T. Hume to Miss Emma O. Hamilton, both of Portland.

"On Monday evening, Dec. 24, Mr. Wilson T. Hume and Miss Emma O. Hamilton were married at the residence of the bride's father in this city, Rev. Chas. Noyes, acting pastor of the Unitarian church, performed the ceremony, which was witnessed only by a few friends of the contracting parties. After the knot had been tied and the blushing young couple had received the congratulations of those present, they retired to the residence recently purchased by the bridegroom at 168 Ninth Street, where they intend to begin housekeeping. A large number of elegant and costly presents were received from the friends of the happy pair. The bride is one of the belles of Portland, handsome, generous and accomplished. She graduated with high honors from the High school in this city in the class of '82, her essay upon graduation day receiving extended notices in the press of Portland. The groom is a young aspirant for legal honors, being one of the best short-hand writers in America. For some time past he has acted as private secretary to Senator J.N. Dolph. Mr. Hume has a wide circle of warm friends who wish him and his charming bride a full measure of happiness."

Her father's death in 1887 left her independently wealthy. Alexander named her his executor, but her husband Wilson (an attorney) and brother Asa administered the complex estate for her. She was undoubtedly too busy, as a young mother with an infant daughter.

Clues to her personality have come down in photographs. She appears to have been a plump and rather plain, but stylish woman -- active, literate and well traveled, with many interests. She seems more serious in these pictures than her sister Elsie. Her son-in-law said she had many male admirers, so she apparently possessed great charm.

According to family tradition, she belonged to a bicycling club. She was injured during an outing and left paralyzed. Perhaps this injury led to her eventual death from cerebral hemorrhage at age 49.

Children of WILSON HUME and EMILY HAMILTON are: 3.i.MARGUERITE6 HUME, b. Oct 31, 1886, Portland OR; d. Sep 11, 1977, Atlanta, GA. ii.KATHERINE HUME, b. Apr 21, 1890, Portland OR; d. Jan 05, 1894, Los Angeles, CA.

Notes for KATHERINE HUME: The baptism of "Catherine" Hume is listed in First Unitarian Church records (Portland, Ore.), Sep. 7, 1890, with the note: "Supposed to be dying." (V2-523)

She apparently was never healthy and died very young. Her funeral appears in First Unitarian Church records, Jan. 2, 1894, "Catherine" Hume, three years, seven months, date of death June 5, 1894 (sic), Los Angeles. Place of service Frances Sealy's, 874 (29) St., Place of Interment, Riverview Cemetery, Undertaker, James E. Hughes. Remarks: no service at the house. Minister, Earl M. Wilbur. The data is conflicting. Obviously, the funeral could not have been held before her death.

She was a beautiful little blonde child. I never heard what caused her death.